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The Urbainsta Phoenix is the Second product from the company to adopt the solar charge approach using powerfoyle technology to charge your earbuds which is something everyone should be looking at in this space and having tried this before with the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones it still sad to see the lack of uptake in this technology which is good for everyone.

Having tested these new earbuds out now for some time one would ask does function take away from quality sound here and the answer is no in short. For me these have been a joy to use and fit well look good and they have all the other functions you would expect from a pair of earbuds and more with what is on offer here in total.

These look good in the ears and have a nice matt finish and are more on the discreet size for me with short stems and when it comes to controls first of all there is plenty within their app as you will see below and in the video review as to how they work and what the app entails.

The sound is the question still from people asking me is how they sound overriding the most important point for me is how they charge up but I get the point but after explaining it is not just about the sound here it is the total package you need to take a look at and the point of it and the sound is great all round. Having tested here with my phone,TV and projector these ticked all the boxes for me with volume highs lows and mids and decent ANC and not only that when coupled with their app you have control here and that is important, there was also no lag latency here and a good battery life as using the solar option I have had not to use a cable to charge them still as before with the headphones previously reviewed.

Overall these are a great pair of earbuds and I put some more time into these as having to test the solar option was important to ensure it was viable and once again it has been during my test run and you can’t really go wrong here for good sound and implementation of using solar to charge your earbuds and save on electricity which as we all now is a sticking point today with what is going on in the world, even if there was nothing going on they still execute and deliver an excellent product and more brand should follow suit.

The App


Urbanista Phoenix key features:

●      Solar and ambient light charging with Powerfoyle™
●      Hybrid active noise cancelling
●      Transparency mode
●      Multipoint connection
●      Playtime 8 hours
●      Total battery reserve 32 hours
●      Microphone noise reduction
●      In-ear detection
●      Automatic power off
●      Touch controls
●      Voice assistant support
●      IPX4 water resistant
●      USB type-C charging
●      Bluetooth 5.2 version
●      Urbanista mobile app compatible
●      Available in Midnight Black (Black) and Desert Rose (Pink)


Video Review

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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