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The Soundpeats AIR3 deluxe HS is another pair of the latest from the company to drop in for testing and these are your typical pencil styled earbuds with no tips to contend with and are stylish and discreet in comparison to others out there which have long stems and look stupid in my opinion however the trend seems to have that style disappearing now due to technology advancing requiring a smaller footprint to house what goes on inside.

These fit well despite having no tips but one thing with the likes of these earbuds is the lack on good ANC as it is a one size fits all approach so they are not for everyone and you will note there is no ANC present with these anyway due to their design etc however if ANC is not a feature you are too pushed on and want excellent sound well then stay put because these deliver on sound regardless as excepted from the brand who delivers affordable audio products at great prices.

These earbuds have plenty of features plus access to their app which must be said is pretty damn good after trying it out several times with different products from the brand and this enhances the users experience overall for a great price. The earbuds have 14.2mm Bio-diaphragm Drivers which packs a punch with volume and sound giving a great overall audio experience at a fraction of the cost of other similar offerings.

During my usual test run the audio was crisp and clear no overlapping with highs lows or mids and in general for movies and music they delivered on all aspects and again having that app access really helps these shine for the price. You also have ear detection built in which again not often seen at this price along with an app. Battery life is decent but slightly under par with the standard of today and near on par with their claims but this will be different for every user depending on what set-up they use and volume level.

The charging case also is another pebble styled case that will fit in any pocket but has no wireless charging which is no big deal given I do prefer having an earbuds case with it like the previous model we reviewed the Mini Pro HS.

For those who want to use their earbuds for gaming  you have that option here too which stops lag latency and none was noted during testing the music end of things either overall giving a well priced pair of earbuds to suit both those who want great audio for music and gaming and not forgetting the LDAC and high res audio built in. Check the video review for more and what to expect.

The AppFeatures:

Hi-Res Audio Certification & LDAC Codec Tech

14.2mm Driver & Four Microphones
In-Ear Detection & 20 Hours of Playtime

Low Latency Game Mode & App Control

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Video Review

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