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I love my earbuds and headphones and have a big collection and love to try things new and over the years we have seen new things come along and give more value to the customer, for example ANC and Hearthrough are two such technologies that have now become a staple feature and this have even creeped down to earbuds under the hundred euro mark whereas these where features you would pay much more for when they became a thing..

But what about solar powered headphones then you might ask and what is the benefit here over just plugging them in with a cable Thing is I have used these since launch and not ONCE have I had to use a cable to charge and this is just fantastic in my eyes and one less cable and socket to be worried about.

What is Powerfoyle

The patented Powerfoyle material harvests all forms of light, indoor and outdoor. It is commercially available used in the world’s first self-charging headphones, Urbanista Los Angeles and also the first self-powered bicycle helmet, POC Omne Eternal. So this basically means you can charge your headphones when you have light inside or outside as you will see demonstrated in the video below or you can see a snippet HERE from my headphones, this is really cool and I hope to see this implemented more in tech in the coming years.




Since I have got these headphones I have not had to charge my headphones once because of two things mainly then what happens naturally.. Seen HERE is my headphones on my bedside locker and then I have my window up top during the day and I work from my office table placed right beside my window which means the headphones are constantly getting a charged.

Urbanista now have an app

Finally Urbanista now have an app however it falls short on features which is a let down for me however I will let them off this time and hopefully they improve this over time and this for me will enhance the user experience and give them more qudos in the headphone space their products do sound great in general out of the box but having a better EQ experience would enhance the game altogether. The app is visually pleasing but that is as far as it goes and a start, so guys come on give us some more…

Build and fit

The Los Angeles take much of their design from the Miami only this time round the headphones have solar powered built in on top of the headband you can see both pairs side by side in the unboxing video. I felt these where a little tight to begin with however no seem fine and are a comfortable pair of cans to enjoy using for many hours.


Controls are clean and simple the main controls for me are small for my huge hands but I got use to them over time, all features are present for controls and we go through all this in the video review below everything is kept simple here and the fact I have big fingers should no affect most people who decide to buy these on my status overall they offer a clean experience with an easy tap to control your headphones.

Urbanista Los Angeles techbuzzireland
Urbanista Los Angeles techbuzzireland


Not much to say here being frank, you are basically limitless on this which is just great


Pretty much the same as the Miami no complaints here and again the ANC works really well indoors and outdoors and from my usual test run they passed with flying colours, they do have some bass thrown in there too and for all my giving out about the app the listening experience is great to be fair they are loud, punchy and no distortion on max volume and no lag latency noted over testing for 3 weeks you will not be dissapointed.


If you liked the Miami you will like these but the thing is about upgrading from those to these, same design and similar audio experince but I have to say yes they are worth the upgrade with not having to charge them or worry about charging them at all and this not being biased it is embracing in the latest technology but Urbanista for me over the years I have been testing have always been a solid product and this puts them afront adopting new technologies and lets see who follows behind them, as of yet nobody has in the headphone space.

Urbanista Los Angeles Key Features

  • Virtually infinite playtime
  • Always charging when exposed to light, both outdoors and indoors
  • 80 hours of battery reserve
  • Hybrid active noise cancelling
  • Ambient sound mode
  • On-ear detection
  • USB type-C charging
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Siri and Google Assistant
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows
  • Urbanista Mobile App Compatible
  • Available in Midnight Black (Black) and Sand Gold (Gold) 


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