JMBricklayer is a new company with a brick toy set company which is quite similar to LEGO only cheaper and each product has a unique story behind it, the background in which they were created, the fun facts about how they were made, or some detailed explanation of them. I am a LEGO fan fan myself and when to company asked me to try out one of their sets I said sure why not then when I checked out their website they have some really cool stuff there and very affordable and no doubt I will continue to build on adding to my list

Now with any complex product build it has moving parts and will take time to do so do not expect things to move along swiftly and time for me is very much precious but I did manage to sit down and get this model done which has three different finishes and again they have other builds I have my eyes on and will get at a later stage. And as you can see they have plenty of cars to pick from which is my scene.

The package comes well presented and inside is seperate bags of bricks numbered and of course an instruction manual and all is kept simple so after that it is bust open the bags get organised and get building and that is basically how it is done but make sure you have space and time to to it and prepare to spend a few hours at it and once you get started you will most like likely keep at it until complete or you can span it out over a few days but the end result is worth it and do check the video below for more about it.

3 In 1 Medieval Weapon 30001

It can be disassembled and reassembled to build 3 different model toys – the  Ballista Catapult Bombard kits, which are inspired by early mechanical inventions, interesting, and rich in historical stories.

This building block toy can be disassembled and reassembled into three different model kits, each of which is a lot of fun. A block kit can reap three pleasures, and you can build any one of them. Building block models can be used not only as decorations but also for play and collection.

You can display it at home or in the office.The game of building blocks can very well promote the close relationship between you and your family and friends, you can take back and experience the fun with them. The building block kit as a 3D puzzle game or stem educational programs are great to allow your child to learn a lot in the process, such as the development of the child’s brain, and can develop children’s hands-on skills and hobbies.

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