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Want an easy piece of kit to protect your home garage or shed well this is it and cost effective too with no expertise to set-up required at all and a ten year battery life the X-Sense heat alarm is where it is at. This can be placed literally anywhere in the home garage or shed and you will have peace of mind and if you have part of their ecosystem even better.

You just need to drill two small holes and use the fittings provided or you can use adhesive pads which is better in my view which is what we did to save drilling any holes and again can be moved elsewhere is required, then you attach the base then screw on the main unit clockwise and the job is done it literally cant be any easier.

There is no access to the app here which is my only issue unless you have more of their product range so if the alarm does go off you would need to be nearby or perhaps a neighbour could let you know as it is a loud siren at 85db. After that it is just leave it sit there and do its job and we have tested several times to ensure it does work and it does every time and it is seen in the video review below. As we had only one unit to test we had to base our review on that alone but if you have several if one goes off they all will sound of their alarms which is a good thing.


  • Class A1 Heat Alarm for Fast Fire Detection: This heat alarm is equipped with an ultra-sensitive NTC thermistor that accurately detects a sudden rise in temperature or static temperatures between 129°F (54°C) and 149°F (65°C); it is not triggered by smoke, dust or cooking fumes, saving you from the nuisance of constantly having to turn off alarms
  • Wide Coverage & Comprehensive Home Protection: By interconnecting it to up to other 24 X-Sense Link+ series alarms, you can create a wireless home safety network throughout your entire house; when one alarm is triggered, all devices will sound an alarm, giving an early alert to everyone in the home
  • Compliant with Scottish Regulations: CE-marked and powered by a sealed battery with a 10-year lifespan, this heat alarm is designed to be wirelessly interlinked with our X-Sense Link+ series which includes smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and combination alarms, making it suitable for any home in Scotland
  • 10-Year Lithium Battery: In addition to being tamper-proof, this alarm’s built-in 10-year sealed lithium battery has a low power consumption, saving you the trouble of having to regularly change the battery; your home will be protected 24/7 with the X-Sense heat alarm, even in case of a power outage
  • Loud 85 dB Sound: During a fire, this heat alarm will deliver an 85 dB alarm tone within a distance of 10 feet (3 m), loud enough to be heard by anyone in your family, giving you more time to either put out the fire or escape to safety
  • Large Test/Silence Button: This alarm’s Test/Silence button allows you to silence any non-threatening alarms or low battery warnings and test the unit’s functionality; it can also be operated by the X-Sense remote control (sold separately) without the need for a ladder to actually press the button on the unit
  • Easy Installation and Setup: This interconnected heat alarm requires no wiring and can be installed on any wall or ceiling in a few minutes, simply by using adhesive pads (not included) or the accessories provided; ideal for areas where standard smoke alarms cannot be installed, such as attics, garages, kitchens, basements and more




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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