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If you are one to own more than one smartwatch and from more than one brand this latest product is what you need in your life right now and is affordable and not only that it is portable and USB-C, there is many offerings around that charge watches as a standalone product but this one does all watches without the pin connectors and having tested it here on several of my own smartwatches it is an ideal piece of kit to have and you should have as you will be aware it is costly to replace the charger that comes with your watch.

This product is launching beside a US based product which is a 9 in 1 SuperDock which you can see in the link below but we are here to talk about this pocket sized little smartwatch charger which is super cool and does more than it says on the tin after our testing.

This can charge most Samsung watches and Apple watches and also the Google Pixel watch and not only that is does also charge my years old moto 360 smartwatch which is pretty old by today’s standards but it still works and I still love it and wear it from time to time but now I wear either my Google Pixel Watch Apple watch or Samsung smartwatch and it works on all of them which is great and as we know battery life on these is not the best in the world but with this little gadget you can plug it in anywhere and even a power brick and charge all your watches and it also charge the Apple Airpods Pro 2 which we do not have here.

Check out the video below for more and of course check out their kickstarter page

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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