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I have reviewed many projectors and several this year have been 1080p projectors which whilst OK for someone not expecting fantastic viewing do a great job and keep the kids entertained the overall picture is underwhelming when you are into your tech and already own large screen tvs and have other projectors in your home, with this projector however it changes the game completely and not only does it offer a great picture it has great audio and of course access to the play store.

Most projectors today use other methods of installing apps from other third party stores and while it works people prefer the seamless Google option which of course makes it easier to sign in and sync devices and link to your home set up and this is what we get here.

The projector itself is also well built and not a cheap lightweight plastic yet still portable and easy to use with your voice assistant built in which is excellent. The Harmon Kardon built in speakers gives you a real movie experience here and you can also add speakers if you wish to enhance the experience and for me this is what everyone should do.

The question remains though is a projector better than a TV and for me it is a simple yes having several in my house now and one good reason is not having a big lump of a TV hung on a wall or taking up space on a press etc and again most would have their TV in the living room and this is always a centre piece and the highlight of most folks living rooms today and with these getting bigger for me they are an eyesore and I can easily do without and having a little box on a table beside me with everything built in it just makes things cleaner.

The picture quality here is also top notch and it has that LIVE effect, there is other picture settings to pick from and audio settings and of course gaming options at hand so in short anyone can use it in the home, the bedroom or even travelling to a hotel for instance. There is also an option to view 3D content if you have any.

Our 3D feature provides profound depth perception and image fusion thanks to DLP cinema-grade tech used in most cinemas worldwide. With Halo+, you can easily set up a 200” display and enjoy the excitement of your 3D content anywhere, anytime

You can also use it as a speaker and yes it sounds good the video review below demos this and of course the picture quality and not only that you can use it as a music player too so it has more than one function but the image it throws out is what people want projectors for and this will not disappoint you at all, in fact I am super impressed by the picture quality here and the sound and it laughs at the past few projectors I have reviewed.


Above you will see the features and one thing I point out to people is the Lumen count this might seem low in comparison and some had a higher count than this but the brightness was horrific overall..

It has at 1-2-1 throw ratio with HDR 10 that gives out a really bright picture you will notice this immediate and the blacks do not look pixelated like they do in most projectors under a certain price point. Even watching 4K content was immersive and sharp and worked really well with no lag noted either. It has a fast start up, a current one I use takes double the time here and once set up you have auto focus and auto keystone correction, another great feature here is Intelligent Obstacle correction which means if something is in the picture the it will move the entire screen out of the way and readjust itself and this works really well and is a great feature.

The integrated 60Hz motion compensation technology (MEMC) utilizes a specialized algorithm to deliver super-low image blur and latency rates. Even in the heat of any sporting action, your image stays incredibly sharp and clear.

For gamers it has a game mode boost so as mentioned no lag latency or sound delay either, with most cheap projectors you will notice the lag but not the case here this just simply works well no matter what you watch.

You could watch it with sunlight in the room however it is best to watch in a darker environment in fact there is no really need to even pull the blinds down as it is still viewable but again depends on HOW much sunlight is coming in the window. Once dark though you will enjoy a super experience if gaming watching movies or Youtube and also enjoy the sound quality to go with it giving you an experience that will make you not want a TV anymore. You also get around 2.5 hours of battery life without being plugged in here it must be noted.

You also have the benefit of Bluetooth connectivity, USB port and HDMI port so anything can more or less plug into it and of course it has chromecast built in making things even easier. And to top things off we have very little fan speed which is also a notable thing on cheaper projectors this one is basically silent.


Standard Resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels

Display Technique – DLP

Lamp Life – 25000 Hours

Display Chip – 0.33” DMD

Brightness – 900 ANSI Lumens

Supported Formats – HDR10, HLG

Lens – High Light Transmission Coated Lens 3D


Throw Ratio – 1.2:1 – Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Auto Focus – Image Size 40” – 200”

Auto Keystone Correction

Projection Method –  Front, Rear, Front Ceiling, Rear Ceiling

Intelligent Screen Alignment
Audio – DTS-HD –  DTS-Studio Sound – 2 × 5W Harman/Kardon

Dolby Audio Dolby Digital (DD) Dolby Digital Plus (DD+)

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Video review




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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