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This is a first for me and is a very niche product but can appreciate it, it was not what I expected either and can see the use for such a product and it is ideal for those into art and kids. For me though not something I would use every day but it is fun to use and cross platform too so this can be used with your mobile phone a tablet mac and windows and of course a chromebook which  I tested it out on along with my phone, you do need a bigger screen though to get the most out of it, you could hook up to your smart tv too and keep the kids entertained.

This in short saves you on paper too and feels like writing on paper in fact there is several tips to pick from in the cleverly designed pen holder that does not require a battery which is excellent so no need to worry there which is something more traditional tablet users would not be use to.

The tablet is on the large side making it a nice space to get creative with it does have boundaries marked on each corner and will take time to get use to them, there is a mini display on the top left which is nice and you also have some buttons on the left below them which can be changed to suit your needs, there is hundreds of apps to pick from and basically any sketch app in the play store will work with this which is nice and makes it easier to use with no shortage of ideas.

The smart LCD screen on the upper left of the tablet indicates the status of Inspiroy Giano and digital pen such as the power, connectivity, and whether the press keys are pressed or not, allowing you to quickly check the information at a glance. A special icon (phone/Huion logo/moon) shows up at the center of the screen to reveal if the tablet is connected to a phone/computer or enters sleeping mode. In addition, a flashing exercise icon appears to remind you that it is time to get out of your seat after 2 hours of working with the pen tablet.


Sketch apps
Sketch apps

Bluetooth 5.0 guarantees improved speed, greater range, and more stable data transmission compared with the old versions. Besides promising an easy connection between Inspiroy Giano and a computer, a Mac laptop, or an Android device, Bluetooth 5.0 frees you from the messy cables and keeps a tidy tabletop.

The build quality of the tablet too is excellent and makes for and ideal gift for the artist or kids and will keep them busy for hours on end.

Check the video review below for more.


Video Review


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