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Popular virtual phone numbers (VNs) are the only alternative to operator SIM cards. Don’t confuse it with eSIM, which essentially replaces a physical card with an electronic chip. A VN number is a dedicated number in a cloud PBX that connects and works on gadgets via the Internet. Data is transferred over the IP protocol and is available in the locations with a network connection.

You can get a mobile, city, federal number, or a number of any region. The only thing you need is software that can be installed on almost any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Moreover, special IP phones can be used for calls. Cloud PBXs offer many related services which might be useful for entrepreneurs, legal entities, and small businesses. However, some features are good for ordinary users. The solution offers multichannel lines that allow several users to receive a call to one number, record telephone conversations, the ability to organize audio or video conferences, the same as custom APIs for integration with other products and services. All this is configured in a couple of clicks through the web interface or application. By the way, most people and companies choose mobile VNs but great attention should be paid to toll-free numbers (800).

What are the benefits of a toll-free solution?

The call is free for the client. Legal entities usually are regarded as customers. We are talking about some companies that work both with individuals and with the same legal entities that already receive calls from their customers and work with them on various issues by phone.

You do not need to purchase additional equipment and lay new telephone lines to connect the toll-free number. It is enough to leave an application for connection via a well-known office telephony provider Freezvon and pay for the selected type and region. For example, it’s easy to buy the Philippines toll free number because the setup fee is only $10 and a monthly subscription will cost the customer $52.

The 800 number is actively used by companies that need constant communication with customers throughout various countries. It brings profit to such business areas, as


  • Internet providers.
  • Technical support departments.
  • Online stores.
  • Delivery and transportation services.
  • Real estate agencies.
  • Banks.

Although the 800 number offers a lot of possibilities. It increases customer confidence. Moreover, some organizations do not need an office to work with clients. Operators can talk with callers from home and redirect them to the right specialists. If such a company advertises a mobile phone number for communication, there is a risk that the client will doubt the reliability of the company. After all, a consumer cannot be 100% sure that he/she is not calling a one-day company.

The 800 is a number that maintains the status of a serious and responsible company. The client understands that there’s a solid organization that values its reputation. After all, it is ready to invest in a free number just to provide the client with the most convenient way to communicate. This is how the client’s trust grows.

The mentioned solution positively influences the search results. If a company uses a mobile or landline number on the site, search engines rank it in the search results only by the local region. You will have to connect additional targeting functions and set settings in the site code to develop your business and erase geographic boundaries. It is not always fast and convenient. The 800 is a kind of trigger for a search engine. Google “sees” that the company is interregional. This has a positive effect on the increase in calls and website conversion.

Number 800 works as a multichannel number. You connect it to a virtual PBX and set up call forwarding. The call center can receive dozens of calls simultaneously and accompany customers using a voice secretary or voice menu. For example, there’s a possibility to set instructions for contacting the right person for the number. A client calls 800 and the auto attendant informs him/her about further actions: press 1 for technical support, 2 for the delivery department, or 3 for the sales service. If all the lines are busy, you can display an informational message through a separate button. By the way, Freezvon Company managers will answer all your questions and explain all the peculiarities in detail.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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