It can be often quite mind-boggling how the trader’s room of any brokerage firm looks like. With multiple options available, it can be quite tricky to find the right one. FCFmarkets has been quite good in making this pathway simpler. As per the FCFmarkets review, the trading room is highly simplified, which makes trading even more interesting. It is interesting to note that the traders room is highly simplified, with some of the best trading tools available.

In this article, we’ll have an overview of the different options available for traders with FCFmarkets. The walkthrough will also serve as a guidance in case you are starting out early with this brokerage platform. 

Trading interface of FCFmarkets – The Trader Room 

The trading room is broken down into two sub sections horizontally. The top most section shows the equity, current balance in your account, profit & loss statement, margin used & credit amount. From a list of 10 languages available, you can select any language of your preference too. In this section, you can also toggle between the dark mode and the light mode based on your eyesight. Now, what’s another thing that you need to be aware of this section is that you can also deposit funds by clicking on the deposit button present in this section. 

The next section is subdivided into multiple options that you can toggle, based on your choice. The various options available include:

  1. Accounts
  2. Deals
  3. Deposit
  4. Withdraw
  5. Documents
  6. Settings

You can toggle across the different options in order to find out what suits you the best. Under the account section you can note down your account number, with the offered leverage to your account. If you have opened the account recently then you need to submit the documents required for account verification. You can also get this notification in the notification bar at the top right corner. 

Let us look at the two most crucial sections in a little bit more detail: Documents & Deposit. 

Depositing funds into your brokerage account – The Trader Room

Depositing funds into your brokerage account is very simple. As you click on the deposit option that’s available, it gives you two ways in which you can add funds into the account. It can either be the credit or debit card or the bitcoin deposit. FCFmarkets accept both of the mentioned methods. 

Under the deposit section, you can also find out the deposit history by playing around with the dates.  

Uploading documents into FCFmarkets for account verification – The Trader Room

After you’ve opened an account, it is very important that you upload the documents that are required for account verification. Clicking on the document section will take you to an upload portal, wherein you have to add the required photo ID card and address proof. The images of the documents should be very clear and legible. It should mention your name and your address proof along with your signature. In addition to the above documents, you might also require to submit a photocopy of the national passport.

Get started with trading now!

As you complete the above to steps, you are good to go ahead and start trading with FCFmarkets. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the customer service for any technical queries! 


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