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The FUJIFILM Instax Square link is another addition to their popular range of smartphone printers whereby users can actually hold a photograph in their hand not long after it has been taken, the days of sending off your camera prints are long gone it seems and is a nice throwback to how things were done back in the day only better with just a few seconds to wait to hold the photo in your hand, I have loads of these dotted around the house and some of them framed having tested many of their printers and love it.

The latest model is no different and has some new features like AR prints which you can see how it works in the video review and also a sample there in the header image it is really cool and can add some flair to the bog standard photos which this machine also does.

You can also share images to others via the Connect feature which can be then edited or kept as is which again is a handy tool for some, speaking of tools there is plenty inside the app to get creative as before which is fun and you can really add some cool effects to your image taken or what’s already on your smartphone and it is a clean easy to use UI and everyone should have no issues navigating the menu but we show you this also in the video below if you have not seen previous reviews.

The printer is portable and robust and can fit in a bag or big pocket and the battery life is decent too and makes it a great gadget to bring out to take photos and create real memories which you can then edit and more and have that photo in your hand rather than all over social media.

Key features of SQUARE Link include:

AR (Augmented Reality) Print: 

SQUARE Link offers the ability to add Augmented Reality features to images, including special effects, text, images, background colours, doodles, and animations. A QR code printed on the photo unlocks the augmented reality content that users can then view on and around their print by simply scanning the code with their Smartphone to see the effects in action.

INSTAX Connect:

Using the SQUARE Link App, the INSTAX Connect feature allows users to share INSTAX images digitally by selecting a smartphone image, adding text content and/or effects, and sending it to any connected device (i.e. smartphone, tablet, etc.). Users can add text to their images and get text responses sent back directly on the image. Recipients who are also SQUARE Link users can even print a copy of the image with or without the text included.

Ability to customize your INSTAX prints with Image Modes, Design Frames, and Stickers

Like all products in the INSTAX Link Smartphone printer line-up, SQUARE Link includes a variety of frame templates, digital stickers, and print mode options that allow the image maker to creatively enhance the image. Users can choose between two print mode options – INSTAX-Rich Mode for deep, enhanced colours and INSTAX-Natural Mode for a more classic look. Smartphone images can also be enhanced with artistic filters or by adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation of the image. Users of SQUARE Link also can combine up to nine pictures into a single INSTAX print collage via the collage feature of the App.

Lightweight Portability and Speed 

Compact, lightweight, and finished with a striped texture, SQUARE Link transfers an image from the user’s smartphone and commences printing in about 12 seconds, supports continuous printing, and is capable of printing about 100 INSTAX prints per charge seamlessly via Bluetooth.

For more information about the INSTAX SQUARE LINK, visit

Video Review

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