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Bose have been a popular brand here in Ireland and with a range of headphones and earphones there is a selection of products for everyone but the most prominent pair of headphones for the brand has been the QC 35 which many reviewers raved about, I have not owned a pair of the QC 35 but did try them for a day and they were quite impressive it has to be said so how does the latest pair of cans hold up and in general how are they and are they worth the money, well lets have a look..

The presentation is good so that is a good start and you can see the unboxing and full review below to see more but the product itself is really nice and feels solid and I do like the colour we have here although over time I would be interested to see if this fades or gets dirty but so far so good and I always take case of my earbuds and headphones using the cases provided which is probably why I get good distance with my huge collection..

They are comfortable very comfortable and light and can be worn for hours on end with no issues and for me that is great as I tend to watch alot of movies and listen to music at home and on the go and it is part of my daily routine with the amount of earbuds I test every day of the week.

The cups are super comfortable as is the headband and they sit nicely on the ears and block out pretty much all the outside world when on the head. there is a ratchet style extension arm each side which is made of plastic and metal the entire headset is mostly plastic but solid.

Ok so onto the app and here is where I get pissed off straight away with the amount of information they require however this is now becoming a common feature with headphones and earbuds and over time I can see this getting on peoples nerves and perhaps move to other products but it is common today and Bose are not the only ones looking for TMI to use a product you pay big money for as is..


The app is easy to use and all you require is present inside for you to use the headphones along with the physical buttons on the cans themselves. Again we go through this in the video review below it is a simple straight forward process overall and you will be up and running in no time, you can access your voice assistant, skip and reverse tracks, higher and lower the volume and control your calls, all is good here.

How do they sound then.. Well good as a whole and depending on your personal taste there was some overlapping in certain songs from my playlists overall good but the volume not the loudest for me, I like my music loud and have louder headphones but again this is personal. For music in general and movies they provide a decent balance and great vocals and direction so for anyone who is in the market and not an audiophile looking for new cans they are worth the look.

Are they worth the price? No in short, Bose like other brands have a fan-base but in this day and age there is great value costing less and more of it we have seen this with earbuds and headphones no different. The Bose QC 45 are widely available for 349 euros.

Video Review


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