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The term poker face is used in everyday life, even by people far removed from this glorious game. When at the negotiating table, people are often told to keep a good poker face, meaning they should appear to have their emotions in check on the outside even if adrenaline is coursing through their veins and their hearts are beating through their chests. However, if you prefer to go more along the lines of online casinos, enabling you to keep your facial expressions to yourself, you should check here.

What do Lady Gaga, Mike McDonald, and poker greats Stephen Chidwick and Phil Ivey have in common? They all have legendary poker faces. When Lady Gaga’s song Poker Face became a major hit in 2008, the phrase “poker face” gained further notoriety. Millions of individuals believed the song was only about poker and maintaining a decent poker face while singing along to sexually suggestive lyrics.

When you type “poker face definition” into your preferred search engine, the description “an impassive countenance that covers one’s genuine feelings” gets returned as the result. The definition of a poker face in the context of poker alone is to maintain an expressionless face, regardless of whether you have the very best cards and are certain of victory or are silently screaming in your mind for your opponents to fold as you don’t have a great hand.

Think about what a good poker face looks like before asking yourself what a poker face is, as a little diversion. Poker players automatically conjure up an image of an individual making every effort to appear emotionless as they think of such a person.

You are probably doing it right now imagining an individual staring you down and giving off the appearance of someone who is stoic, maybe even with a hint of rage.

A poker face, however, can be anything you would like it to be. You have the option of sitting there grinning like the cream cat or appearing to be in tears. You want to avoid letting anyone know how you’re feeling or how strong your hand is. One of the vital skills to have when playing live poker is the ability to maintain a great, consistent poker face. Anyone who’s into poker training will agree with this fact.

Why a Poker Face Is Important

Our whole cards are only seen in specified conditions, hence poker is a game played with partial information. What this means is that if we’re going to win in any case, we must infer information about our opponent’s hand based on a variety of cues, such as their playing style, the size of their wager, and any other nuggets of knowledge we may acquire from the way they look, move, and act.

Poker players’ body language unintentionally reveals information. These tells in poker can be overt or much more covert, like a wry smile that takes their focus away from their opponent or their cards. Some tells in poker are challenging to hide as they are physiological reactions that occur automatically.

Getting and Keeping a Good Poker Face

When a player has a winning hand, their hands frequently tremble, easily giving away to other players that they do have a strong hand. Whether you hold seven-deuce offsuit or pocket Aces, maintaining the secrecy of your hands gives you a psychological edge over your opponents. 

A decent poker face can be learned by anyone, although it takes some effort on your part. Putting on your poker face may at first seem awkward if you typically play online poker with buddies, especially if you practice with a mirror. The first couple of times you attempt to look stoic, you could actually start giggling. Following the few tips we’ve just given you will get you sporting a decent poker face anyone would be proud of. 

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