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We all drink water we all carry bottles and water is good for us and this new gadget we have been testing takes it to the next level. I have seen water bottle reviews before with not one ounce of tech in them but it is what it is but this bottle has and it has had people asking me questions and curiosity is a good thing but when I explained what this is all about the people that did see where like sure Jim we believe you but when I gave them a demo and told them what is inside and how it works they changed their mind. Yes it is a regular thing here in my house and WTF is that you have now which is funny and great at the same time been able to test new things and have the opportunity to do so..

Ok so after testing this for a few weeks here at home and out and about people will want to know what is the difference here between this and other bottles out there we all use today, for example I have several branded water bottles here I have used over the years with no tech in them and just a nice logo representing brands I work with, they hold water have a nice build and look to them and that is as far as it goes there is no tech involved at all so your water could be warm or cold and you get what you sip in short and like it or lump it, yes the convenience of a bottle is great but it has its limits and no much more than the bottle you might buy in your local food store.

In our vital need for hydration, water is processed, packaged, and stored, and picking up germs along the way, essentially degrading from its purest state. At WAATR, we aim to bring water back to its most natural state with an innovative line of products.

The build quality is top notch to begin with, our test bottle is on the larger side and might be cumbersome for some to use but there is a nice handle on the top and the container itself is super strong and can see it lasting a long long time. To use the bottle is not difficult at all there is no app yet one switch on the lid to make one of two choices with an LED lamp too that serves as a status light..

You can simply twist the cap off refill the bottle, inside you have a choice of two filters and you can buy these from the company as times goes.. PUREMAX 4D filter cartridge system consists of a proprietary blend of coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin. Coconut charcoal is a highly porous organic material designed to capture organic molecules and chlorine effectively. Ion-exchange resin is a spherical porous bead resin material designed to exchange ions (inorganics) in the water for other Ions fixed in the resin. This process is very effective in reducing the hardness of the water.



What is 4D Purification

Powered by cutting-edge 4D Purification technology that first treats your water by destroying bio-contaminants using two powerful UV-C LEDs. These UV-C LEDs are intelligently placed inside the cap to achieve 1000000X purification by minimising the shadow effect caused by microscopic contaminants. Second, a state-of-the-art multistage filter cartridge system further purifies your water by removing various chemical, metal, particulate, and micro-plastic impurities.

So does my water taste better you ask? Dam right it does and it is also cooler than a traditional bottle, in my case it allows me to carry more water too given the container size which suits me, as mentioned this one might be cumbersome but the lid helps and saves you carrying multiple bottles, and for a fresh tasting cooler sup of water each time it is certainly a win for me and anyone who is looking at picking this up.

But there is more than just drinking water here in this bottle, you can cleanse your phone your keys and other items that will fit inside with the UV-C LEDs so this makes it even better than you might think and serving your water up clean and fresh is great but with the ability to keep your goods in top shape it is an added bonus and for me I can see this been more widely used going forward.

See the video below for more and what it is all about.



WAATR PureMax 4D

  • 4D Purification® technology: First destroys and then filters water as you sip for maximum purification
  • Pro self-cleaning bottle
  • 2x 20mW UVC LEDs
  • 1,000,000X purification against bio-contaminants
  • Modular filter cartridge system
  • Includes 1x ARTESIAN filter and 1x PURIST filter
  • Reduces a wide range of impurities
  • Triple insulation 25 oz bottle
  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • Smart hydration reminder
  • Spout design
  • Portless magnetic charger
  • TSA-friendly
  • Limited availability – First Edition Bottle






By Jim O Brien/CEO

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