The Sony Linkbuds S are the follow up to the Linkbuds which has a mixed reaction when launched but they sound good and move away from the traditional look and thus we have the usual looking earbuds this time around and perhaps for the better for some but at least Sony tried something new in a boring world of earbuds that either come with or without stems and not much room in between for design elements.

The earbuds are smaller than most and light and this is also fine with me they have a nice texture which again is new and this also applies to the case which is pocketable too and overall a decent package which you can see here in the unboxing experience. Yes the packaging is the same as before with the Linkbuds but fine and well thought out.

The Sony Linkbuds S of course come with app access which you can set up and be sure to use all the features at hand there is plenty on offer here in the app and that includes Adaptive sound control and a suite of EQ settings to get the desired tuning that you prefer, we go through the app in the video review below to show you more of what to expect but in general all is good here as expected.

The ANC works well and I had these on a flight recently and kept most of the outside world of crying babies and engine sound away, they are not as good as their headphones however we are getting closer to a headphones experience now with earbuds in the ANC department and this is a good thing.

I was impressed with how these sound and they are decently loud too which I like and again you can change settings in the app which also allows you to change sound compression with DSEE, highs lows and mids were fine nice bass but not the deepest bass but for watching movies listening to music and so on they do a great job overall.

Powered by 5mm drivers which are small in comparison to others out there they did well with audio in general and have been great on calls, also like many earbuds now you do not have to touch your phone as often with speak to chat and also have your messages read out to you and I like this implementation here and it works well as do the controls on the earbuds which have been on point every time unlike others can be.

Battery life is on the low side here with around 5 hours or so and less with max volume and ANC which is how I usually rock my earbuds and headphones, there is a quick charge feature that allows you an extra 90 mins on a 10 minute charge and the case gives you 12 hours and a feature omitted this time around is wireless charging which is fine but an option I prefer.

Overall for the price you pay they are decent but it is getting more competitive in the earbuds market and cheaper alternatives can be found with more features like wireless charging and aptX included but at the same time they fit well look good and do a decent job they have also got an IPX4 rating so for those into sports it is ideal and in general a well balanced product.

See more in the video review below.



The world’s smallest and lightest, noise cancelling, Hi-Res Truly wireless headphones 

Sony have engineered these remarkably small and light truly wireless headphones, approximately 4.8 grams in weight, with comfort in mind. LinkBuds S combine a shape that perfectly matches the human ear with an ergonomic design for a more stable fit, so you can steer clear of annoying ear pain that gets in the way of you and your entertainment.  

Keep all your worlds on with natural ambient sound   

LinkBuds S provide you with the best of both worlds. These headphones combine LinkBuds innovative ambient sound concept that lets you interact with the world around you, with high-quality noise cancelling allowing you to focus on the content you love and nothing else. You can step into a coffee shop and quickly order with ease, then just as quickly sit back and enjoy your favourite entertainment distraction-free. 

The headphones integrate Adaptive Sound Control, a smart feature that adjusts ambient sound settings depending on where you are, creating the ideal listening experience. With this, you can seamlessly move through your surroundings all while letting your favourite artists and entertainment play on. 

A new sound experience for AR gaming   

Sony is collaborating with its partner company Niantic in the area of audio AR by developing an AR game that can be enjoyed not only visually but also audibly. When you play their game “Ingress” using LinkBuds S, the sensor and spatial sound technology will enable players to enjoy a new experience in which sound is delivered according to the direction they are facing.

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Video review

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