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Technology skill sets and knowledge have become fundamental requirements in almost all industries globally. There are many countries worldwide where technology-focused talent pools are being sourced for the country’s foray into the next level of growth. 

Ireland is one country where the search for tech talent and related skill set expertise is vigorously sought. The country is now emerging as a very dynamic place for technology-focused startups and associated industries, for which they are sourcing tech talent from across the world. While aspiring tech experts look at Ireland as a developing destination for their personal growth, it is vital first to understand the requirements to immigrate to Ireland. Several statutory factors about the working compliances need to be appropriately complied with. 

The Irish government has also announced open support with SOPS and business-friendly benefits to tech startups, for which they have set up governing bodies as a helping hand. These SOPS include innovation centres, setting-up office and tech labs, funding support, training, and other related support. While all these initiatives have been attracting budding entrepreneurs and tech experts to look at Ireland as a tech development destination, they are also constantly seeking help from immigration lawyers to ensure a safe and compliant move into Ireland. 

Globally, the demand for tech is growing by the day, with several industries struggling to attract the best tech talent. Listed below are a few ways to attract tech talent in Ireland.

Government Incentives

Ireland offers a lot of tax incentives to attract and encourage different industries to set up businesses there. While attracting innovation and technology development companies to Ireland, the government also enables smooth and easy statutory processes to move to Ireland for work and residence. It is still advised to take help from experts to get advice on immigration before embarking on the move to Ireland.  

Investment in Technology 

Tech-focused job aspirants generally seek companies open to adapting and implementing new technologies that can allocate sufficient time and money for developing the latest technology. Companies should project and publicise their interest in technology development to attract the correct type of talent. 

Career Development

Tech-focused candidates tend to be very passionate about technology and the development of tech on an ongoing basis. Companies trying to attract tech talent must ensure their teams have the best facilities, including appropriate tools and equipment for technology development gear. This makes the working environment conducive and enjoyable for large and small groups. This will also enable them to understand that the company is using the latest and updated technology. This, in turn, helps tech teams to learn new skills and be updated and savvy. 

Employee Friendly Work Schedules & Compensation 

Employees prefer to look at opportunities where they can find an acceptable level of work-life balance, especially considering that professional stress levels in tech development areas can be pretty high and troublesome. In some cases, employees have even compromised on compensation packages for better working environments. This becomes a critical factor for many people. 

Businesses should offer flexible work schedules suited to team needs; same with their compensation packages. There are many ways to make life conducive for employees and their families. The most crucial aspect is understanding what is essential to tech-focused individuals and tech teams.

Staff Welfare

There are numerous ways in which companies implement employee benefit schemes and programs within the organisation. This not only retains good talent but also attracts talent and skill set. Welfare schemes and programs could be segregated into wage-connected or non-wage-related types, all of which are generally over and above regular wages and salaries. It would help to project such welfare schemes and programs during talent search and recruitment drives to attract good tech talent. 

It is a known fact that today, Ireland is a base for some of the world’s best technology companies. There are many opportunities available in Ireland for tech-focused talent. Besides being a great destination as a country, professionals find the overall business and working environment extremely conducive and well-meaning for business, especially in technology-related industries. 

Besides, Ireland has a best-in-class ecosystem for technology incubators and accelerators, which enable ease of funding-for-growth possibilities. Several factors positively affect moving to Ireland for work, especially in the technology, innovation, IT and related domains, which is why aspiring entrepreneurs and budding tech startups are looking to set up businesses there. Attracting the best tech talent to Ireland, while appearing to be challenging, could be a blessing in disguise for many tech-focused workers.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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