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IT support is essential for all sorts of businesses, especially since we are ever more reliant on technology in the workplace. It will help to maintain your systems and implement upgrades whenever required. This guarantees the company optimum performance. Large companies and corporations are usually able to hire in-house tech support teams, but smaller businesses may not have the financial capacity to hire such professionals full-time. For this reason, they often outsource their IT support services. In this piece, we will find out what a small business should expect from IT support.

What Exactly Does IT Support do?

If you are planning to hire an IT support company, it is essential to understand what they do. Otherwise, you are bound to get frustrated when you realize that they can’t complete certain tasks. At the same time, failing to understand what they do can prevent you from getting your money’s worth.

Different forms of IT companies offer different services, but some of the common things you can expect include:

  • Back up and data recovery planning
  • Cloud services like migration
  • Mobile integration of your services
  • Desktop and server support
  • Email backup
  • Onsite and remote labour

Companies like ITAIA are also able to provide support throughout the week. At the very least, your chosen IT support provider should be available during regular working hours. It should also have a team that is specifically dedicated to your systems. Companies that don’t offer proactive monitoring of IT assets may not be worth the money as small bugs can end up affecting your business significantly.

IT support agents will usually offer unlimited hotline and remote maintenance services. They will also call you to offer advice and follow up on certain issues. However, you should be careful when dealing with IT support calls as this is a common tactic of scammers. It isn’t necessary to give IT support callers remote access to your device, and you should also not make payments for individual phone support sessions.

What IT Support Doesn’t Do

There are a few things that IT support will simply not be able to do. First, you shouldn’t expect the company to engage in graphic design or website creation. While they may have the skills necessary to complete these tasks, they simply don’t fall under the category of IT support. Also, they don’t offer content marketing services or social media management services. Lots of sketchy IT support companies offer a wide range of services in order to entice small businesses, but such services usually end up being poor in quality.

The Cost

Generally, spending more on IT support will give you access to more services. While outsourcing IT support is often considered a cost-cutting measure, you should remember to make accurate financial plans. A recent study discovered that 42% of companies end up spending more on outsourced IT support than originally planned. 16% of these claimed that the costs were a lot higher than initially expected. It is worth noting that these statistics don’t necessarily indicate that hiring IT companies is more expensive than training an in-house team.


Small businesses need IT support as it ensures that their systems run effectively at all times. Also, IT support ensures that the systems are secure and up to date with the latest software. A reputable support team will offer proactive monitoring of your systems to ensure that issues are sorted out before they cause significant damage to your business. It is important to budget accurately for these services as they can end up costing more than you expect.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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