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Office productivity is measured by determining a worker’s effort that they put into their everyday work. For workers who submit their reports late, or are often absent from work, in most cases there are a range of contributing factors within the office hindering their productivity. The importance of office productivity and output from workers is huge for businesses, therefore ensuring workers have high office productivity rates will create a better working environment for all.

Factors that hinder work productivity

How using just one monitor can be time consuming

As many office workers use computers for their everyday tasks, whether this be sending emails or writing reports, the performance of these tasks is often based on how many monitors a worker uses. Although one monitor can achieve all of the tasks a worker wishes to pursue, the effectiveness of the tasks are extensively slowed down. With spending time switching from one software to the next, this can make a simple 10 minute task an unnecessarily longer experience, subsequently having major effects on productivity rates of workers. 

Noisy office space becoming a distraction in the office

As offices are getting larger, so are the number of workers in the spaces provided. With more staff members surrounding, the noisiness of offices are bound to be louder, which can become a huge distraction on workers trying to proceed with their working tasks. From workers gossiping, to the loud clicks of keyboards and mouses and workers playing sounds from their monitors, these noises can quickly add up to create a very loud office space. As loud noises are such a distraction, this can hinder workers away from their desks and result in way less work getting done.

The effects of poor office furniture posture

With sitting down at work all day, it is very easy for office workers to adopt poor postures. The types of office furniture workers use can result in major back and body injuries with the strain of sitting there all day. For instance, some workers find themselves sitting on a chair so low that they are beneath their work desk. Due to the discomfort from the poor posture, some workers later develop back pains and are forced to take a sick leave, which only has negative effects on the productivity of their workload, therefore ensuring you sit at your desk correctly is vital for the wellness of your body.

Poor desk lighting becoming a burden in the office

Making sure workers have the most suitable lighting to be able to see their screens and get work done effectively is vital in contributing to the amount of work they get done. As some offices don’t have strong blinds or curtains, in the sunnier months it can be a huge restriction with not being able to see the screen to its fullest potential. On the flip side, some companies have curtains that darken a worker’s office space. If the weather is dull, or darker mornings and nights are on their way, the lack of light bulbs in an office may create too dark of a setting for workers to complete their work efficiently.

Very high or low temperatures having drastic effects on productivity 

As workers thrive at their best in an optimal temperature, as soon as this is changed, so do the rates of their productivity. Finding a balance of temperature that satisfies all workers is an important job to ensure work gets done. An article from Open highlighted that 29% of office workers spend up to half an hour each day not working due to an uncomfortable office temperature. Whether the offices are too hot or too cold, this can have huge effects on how much workers can get work done everyday, which can only result in negative impacts on the business itself. 

Solutions to the factors affecting productivity

Introducing dual monitor desks 

Using more than one monitor can double your chances of productivity. By having two monitors, this gives workers the chance to perform different tasks simultaneously across two screens, resulting in more work getting done at faster rates. When switching to dual monitors for your office work, this means needing more space on your desk to hold all of your important documents and equipment. Many office furniture companies such as Southern Office Furniture offer a range of high-quality dual monitor desks to accommodate both your monitors for increased productivity in offices.

Providing designated rooms for loud spaces

As keeping workers from talking to each other is an unreasonable ask for workers, the rooms you work in are important to consider for working effectively. To reduce noise around your work space, incorporating office cubicles into your office is the perfect way to eliminate noise for concentrated and dedicated workers. There are many benefits to office cubicles, including the extra personal space and fewer distractions. These are a great way to ensure workers are in their own bubble when working without the limitations of noise affecting their work. 

Buying ergonomic office furniture to support workers

Buying furniture that will be comfortable for workers to be in all day is one of the main aspects to consider to ensure the contentment of workers. For instance, you wouldn’t purchase a high chair for a short person or buy a low desk for a tall person. Affecting workers’ postures will tire them out and provide them with multiple body aches, therefore slowing their productivity. So purchasing office furniture that is right for you is the key to comfort while working at the office.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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