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This kit came in a smartly packed box with little in the way of knowing what to expect in terms of the functions or use of the smart lock. A certain interest in the style used, far superior to the standard box seen in local hardware shots, an elegance to the packaging. The material on the lock and outer casing felt strong, solid, the keypad rubber again was strong and not expected to fade or damage due to natural elements.


European Standard Lock Cylinder:  Suitable for all doors with a thickness between 70mm-110mm. Easy to replace the existing lock cylinder in your front door or apartment door without drilling.

Multiple Ways To Unlock Opening the door with a numeric code, with an RFID card, or with our app Temporary password.  If you need a WiFi function, please buy a Bluetooth gateway separately.

1-Year Battery Life: The OLED displays battery status, settings, and warnings. Battery for electronic knob: 3 x AAA 1.5 V. Up to 1-year runtime with 10 openings per day. Low battery reminder When the battery is below 20%, you will be reminded to replace the battery.

Safety: Electrostatic protection up to 30,000 volts. Splash-proof: IP65. Safety in case of fire, etc. Can always be opened from the inside. Up to 10 million closing operations. Working temperature: -30°C to 60 °C.


Unlock the door with keypad and RFID cards

Easily unlock your door by entering a personal code, or swiping your RFID card. Memory for up to 10 personal codes (1 with admin function) Up to 20 cards can be paired.


Control from anywhere using the Welock App.

Accessories supplied:

1x WELOCK Electronic Lock

3x RFID card

1x Special Allen key

1x Instruction manual

Note: The Wi-Fi box gateway needs to be purchased separately


Diameter of knobs:

outside 46mm

inside 38mm


outside 56mm

inside 57mm

Cylinder length: adjustable outside 40mm – 55mm / inside 30mm – 60mm.

Material: stainless steel with zinc alloy, plastic.

Weight: 410g


Prior to purchase it is worth confirming the compatibility of the smart lock. The Welock smart lock PCB41 is suitable for most standard EU doors. The lock cylinder is adjustable for doors with a thickness of 70 to 110 cm. Welock also gives the option to send a photo of the door with size to their support teams at service@welockglobal.com, to ensure compatibility before purchase, this is a nice touch to inspire confidence before purchase.

Setup and instructions:

The manufacturer states: 

“The Welock Smart Lock installation takes less than 10 minutes. Do not need locksmith. Just follow the instruction of the included installation manual and assembly video. It’s super easy to install the smart lock by yourself within 10 minutes.”

The Kit came with an excellent set of installation instructions, large pictures with minimum text to allow clear visual aids on setting up the lock. 

In essence, purchase 3 AAA batteries, fit them into the unit, change the default password.

Remove 1 screw on the existing door, refit the same and job done. (full instructions and pictures included in the packing )

I am delighted to say the manufacturers included a “ Special Allen key”  . I have used a standard set on my own to set up the unit. I am totally against proprietary tools for a kit of this nature as when the battery is required to be replaced in about a year there is a high probability the accessories would be lost / misplaced. Normal tools can be used to replace batteries etc. card

RFID cards:

The kit came with 3 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)  cards which are part of a wireless system comprising two components: tags and readers. The RFID cards work straight out of the box without any issues, There is the option to configure up to  20 cards to the reader if used in a multipurpose office or warehouse with various staff entering or exiting. This is an alternative to the Keyless option to have a card to replace a typical  key. 

App: Welock_3.5.3.92 apk 

The Download of the App started well, Scanning the QR code from the box and running the software, the app went downhill on the registration.  Registration on an Android phone required putting in the country code (Interesting Ireland was down as Eire ) while the country code map froze on the initial setup and required removal and reinstall . eventually resolved and app updated) as registered via text message to the phone . The app has minimum help notes , or intuition on its use resulting  in a poor unclear  user experience,  This has the features to include card/Bluetooth/fingerprint function. Bluetooth connects the lock and multilevel authorisation. authorisation management and device management. 


The Smart Door Lock Cylinder comes with 1 year warranty ( 2 year warranty if you register ) but caution on the opening of the box details, as the first impression of the warranty is the card included in the box  “5 symbol “ underneath the 5 years warranty service. ( in fairness on the right on the same card does state register can enjoy 2 years free replacement, a bit of a disappointment when reading the full text ) .

Practical use.

The Keyless system in terms of those that regularly lose keys or go out on a social night out with the need to carry your keys in the event lost or stolen, the RFID card could fit in your wallet or carry no keys.  Overall, the product can have a multitude of options for the Comms IT room, locked in access to individuals, or restriction of areas for staff or visitors. Alternative to the other options the ease of installation leaves the opening in terms of Airbnb giving the client a unique code to access the building while easily changed, or Handyman access when no one is at home. 


  1. The kit does not come with the required 3 X AAA batteries which is a shame as when opening the kit  on the planned installation a trip to the shops is required to get a good quality AAA battery .
  2. Marketing Niggles:

The IP rating on the Website is listed as

  • Splash-proof: IP65. And also listed on the same page on the website
  • Splashproof: IP44 Safety in case of fire

This may relate to different properties indoor or outdoor but for a customer, second guessing is not the approach to be taken, Web/ Marketing  team would need to clearly adjust the marketing strategy to ensure clear and understood.

The Kit came with no mention of IP rating on the packing or documentation.

IP ratings of between 44 and 65 may be used for both indoor and general outdoor use. Anything lower than IP44 should only be used indoors, however. IP44 outdoor lights can withstand rain and are safe to use outdoors, however, should not be exposed to pressurised water such as a jet wash.


The manufactured stated Slogan –  “A smart way to open your door We Lock” totally agree with the above and physical installation required no technical skills or specific tools to install. Unfortunately, the app which came with the kit, downloaded via the QR, was excellent to download and install but failed in the basics of registrations, the app pop up for country code did not work practically on occasions. Slight niggles on the marketing website in terms of the unclear message whether IP ratings of 44 or 65 are both acceptable for external use but prefer clear documented information. On opening the box greeted with a “5” logo with gave the first impression of a different warranty to actual warranty

The above niggles are minor in the overall product which I suspect will easily be resolved in future product ranges, I can’t fault the physical side of the Kit or ease of installation. The ease of installation allows for retrofitting of existing doors without the need for technical skills / specialised tools required, additional other product categories allow this to be integrated to smart homes, Alexa.  Easy setup and use with the preconfigured RFID cards and optional Keycode.

The Welock Electronic Smart Door Lock Cylinder has a array of options in terms of security, to simplify your private life, access control within companies limiting access to areas.  The option to change security code easily when used as a one off code to ensure the security risk is minimised for unauthorised access to physical and logical systems whether as a homeowner, rental property or business use is advantageous.


Website link and coupon (GET20) to get a discount –  BUY 

Video Link 

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