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The Pamu Slide 2 are the latest earbuds now on offer from the company and I have been testing these out for a good while to get a fair grip on them, we unboxed these and compared them to the previous model and clearly seen there is a difference in side overall between both the earbuds and the case and of course the packaging and all of this bringing the profile down which is good but has this had an effect of the sound lets see..

Size fit and comfort.

These are again much smaller with a thicker stem on the width and half the size in length and this made a great fit for me, the stem is wider which looked better and felt more secure they are very comfortable too and i think they look better IMO with the finish they have with the smooth stem and circular design touch area with a nice finish to distinguish both.

Controls and App

OK so the controls are considered small it is a small earbud but work really well as mentioned they touch area is distinct here finished off with a nice circular design, in the video review we go through the app and its features which makes it once again of the better apps out there when it comes to control and features and makes the overall experince a joy to use, but do see the video for more on this. In the app you have controls for ANC Wind Noise reduction, Passthrough, Gaming modes, EQ presets and edit vocal enhancements, transparency mode and of course your feature controls such as skip/play/pause tracks etc..


Battery life is decent to be fair and with a an app to customise and maximize performance pressing hard on some features of course will impede on the stakes claimed like all make I got around 25 hours maxed out on volume and ANC which is still good and that is better than one might expect at the price point too and not forgetting they are not large earbuds.



Once again the company has pulled it off overall here with the sound anyone that uses these will be happy you have all the profiles covered here all genres highs lows and mids, bass and treble, especially the bass end of things here is where they shine and if you like bass these are for you, however with the app you can enjoy them with any genre in fact and again with gaming and more, call quality is also quite good, wind noise reduction works well vocal enhancements work and so to does the ANC and hear through  you can also use these independently and no lag latency noted. so for an overall package that is very affordable PAMU have delivered a great package here in a very overcrowded market.

Powerful, Punchy Bass – Drop the bass with 10mm dynamic drivers that go deeper and stronger.PEN ensures a natural and full mid&low frequency, while Titanium makes the high-frequency sound more clear. The PEN & Titanium composite membrane helps deliver an unprecedented performance with beautiful balance across the full frequency range.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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