When it comes to the toothbrush there is a variety on offer and of course smart ones which are now a plenty on the market and we have been testing out one from a brand that offers several variants for consumers who hope to garners peoples attention.

Oclean, tell me that they strive for excellence, is a company that’s devoted to improving oral health through technology and innovation, and introduces quality, smart, and stylish oral care products ranging from sonic electric toothbrushes, professional cordless oral irrigator to toothbrush sterilizer to advocate the idea of a more complete and efficient oral care routine.

Oclean X 10 provides smart products that allow more users to come into contact with Oclean, and through more vivid functions, experience and design concepts, Oclean attracts people other than traditional technology users.

Oclean hopes that users of Oclean X10 will start a day full of energy from brushing their teeth every day. The design and functional planning of this product have given a more youthful and energetic concept.

Oclean X10 is a product planned according to the needs of young tech geeks. The goal of the product is to become a high-tech electric toothbrush that can meet the needs of users and share a common language with consumers.

Why Oclean?

Excellence  Strive for Excellence,Detail and Perfection

Innovation  Combine Creativity with Artistic Design for unprecedented Expertise

Pioneer Define and Lead Product New Standard.

Oclean X10 features

Ok so it is a toothbrush and what does this has on offer for those who might want to pick one up lets have a look at the features.

Display –  There is a Large-sized screen to demonstrate interactive emoji feedback after brushing and self-generated supplementary brushing plan if needed. The screen shows the brushing report after brushing. And if you miss to brush any areas, it will show self-generated supplementary brushing plan and give you extra 10s to re-brush the missing zone. Your starting time when brushing is 2 minutes.. 

Personalized Brushing Setting – 5 distinctive brushing modes to choose from, and each mode has 5 levels of intensity just for any brushing needs possible.

Ultra Cleaning Efficiency – With up to 40,000rpm maglev motor and quality bristles to deliver powerful yet gentle cleaning feels, this was one thing I noted when using it on how comfortable it was when using in comparison to others I have here, it is very comfortable and light on the gums.

60 days battery life – Now I have not had this for 60 days but on usage so far it is fair to say it would not be far off it, You also have a 3.5 hour quick charge to enjoy 2-months of hassle-free user experiences.

Aesthetic and Ergonomic Design – When it comes to this department it is sleek and fits well in the hand unlike many other toothbrushes out there it is not rounded at the shaft,  and incorporates the elements of ergonomics and aesthetics to create comfort and visual appeal.

Conclusion –

User experience  –  Overall this is a nice toothbrush giving you assistance in your daily oral hygiene routine, it is much more comfortable on the gums than others on the market that I have used or owned ,mostly being OralB out of the two the Oclean X10 has been the most comfortable and also quieter to use and ergonomically better.

With the smart refresh option you have real time live information on how you have performed your brush this is probably better than having an app and it looks well on the colour screen giving you feedback there on then on how you have just brushed your teeth and is interactive and not only that you have a plan built in to get the most from your toothbrush which is again beneficial to the user. I think also with the use of emojis and pictures makes the experience more enjoyable.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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