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With the likes of Zoom and Teams being a popular way to get business done it is a good visual aspect but what about the audio end of things? So for example your PC tablet or phone have fixed mics and let’s be honest not the best audio quality in the world on the receiving end and again if you have a team of people in the room can you hear them all clearly without having the need to raise your voice well that would be a yes, Now we have a clever little gadget that solves this be it for personal or business use and of course if there is several people at the table in your meeting on such calls this changes that void and it is quite good.

Before I go any further it is not a speaker it may look like one but it aint which is a shame it could of been a hybrid product, the unit is well built just to begin with and is solid with some weight in it too with rubber footing underneath and it is a simple plug and play with no software download required to get going, all you need to do is plug it in and change the mic selection on your PC and you are good to go, you have a volume toggle on top and has volume and mute controls on top which are capacitive. And that is all there is to it how much more easier does it get when it comes to tech.

This can also be used for streaming also any calls made on your PC and can reach up to about 3 meters which is plenty for those office meetings. Check out the samples below in the video and see the product itself and hear the difference, we are impressed.

  • Miniature, low-profile design – Ideal for recording meetings, conferences etc.
  • Omni-Directional Pickup Pattern – 16-Bit, 44.1- 48kHz sample rates
  • With Mute & Adjustable Volume Button for Easy Operation
  • With 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack for Direct Headphone & Speakers.
  • Compatible with Windows 11 & macOS 12
ME1 USB-C omnidirectional mic techbuzzireland
ME1 omnidirectional mic techbuzzireland


1. It has No Speaker = No Echo

Since this boundary microphone does not include a speaker, it is ideal for conferences, gaming, online meetings, Microsoft Teams, and live streaming. In contrast to conventional stereos, it does not produce excessive echoes.

2. USB Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone

The item’s pickup pattern is unidirectional, implying that it can pick up sound from all directions around the item’s circumference. The microphone can record speakers who are within three meters of the microphone.

3. It Has Volume and Mute Controls

You can control the product easier if you use this feature. You will not have to go through the struggle of opening an application on your device and searching for the settings. To quickly modify the level and mute, use this button. Those who participate in online meetings will find this function extremely useful.

4. It has a Wide Brand Compatibility Pool

Tested on two pcs here in the house and a chromebook this worked with no issues at all.


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