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Cables are boring right? Yes.. Different colours sizes shapes and sizes you plug them in and the job is done you think nothing more of it and they are replaced quite often especially if you cheap from euro shops and garages and so on and get shafted in garages especially because they no you have no other option and in most cases they are an emergency purchase….

Pay cheap pay twice is the saying but cables have improved greatly over the years and you can get some pretty good ones know that can even tow cars, not that you would it is the case.. But you might ask what is different about this one and in short everything really but this might not be for everyone and then again it could be, your cable can actually display something and send a message and not only that it can alert you if there is an issue, even more there is an app for and iOS that allows you to customize the display.. Yes it is possible, it might be trivial to some or seen as a gimmick.

We have had the cable here in for some time before the launch and have checked it out and it is a pretty cool idea and makes the poor old cable a non boring asset at your disposal, check out or video review below and more about the product..

See more on Kickstarter here and check our video out for a free protective case.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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