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USB hubs are a plenty today and a welcome addition as ports become less on many computers today and this has been the case for some years in fact but depending on the brand this differs and over the years we have tested out many USB hubs, with USB-C mostly a standard now it is time to up your game with the latest accessories and Twelve South are no stranger to help out here.

This hub is well designed and well built and this is even down to the cable you get with it that allows you to hide cables behind your laptop or whatever you might be using, this is also compatible with the latest iPads too and home PCs which does not leave it restrained to ONE brand or product as some tend to do.

When it comes to hubs there is not much to say except they offer more convenience and also not forgetting portability, this hub sports a headphone jack USB A and USB-C port plus a HDMI port which is just the right amount most folk would need and also ideal to have in your travel bag..  What is important about such hubs is keeping everything neat and tidy and offering some more depending on the gadgets you have or the extras you need. You could also add a keyboard here too which is handy for iPad users. You can also use power banks and more and this also has USB-C passthrough power.

StayGo from Twelve South techbuzzireland
StayGo from Twelve South techbuzzireland

Twelve South also have a bigger option which is the Original StayGo and this is a must for those with a heavy workload and multiple gadgets to connect..


  • USB-C hub connects peripherals to your iPad or MacBook
  • Four ports: USB-A, HDMI, headphone/audio out and USB-C power
  • Pass-through power to charge or power accessories 
  • Connects directly to iPad or below with the included cable

See the video below for more.


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