Updated Mage Tower and Legion time travel in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion. An overview of all seven challenges, bonus rewards, and skins.

Tower of the Mage returns to World of Warcraft

In the Chains of Domination expansion, the developers added Legion timewalking, where the Mage Tower became active again. For successful completion, participants will receive one of the recolored versions of the kit set from the Tomb of Sargeras raid. In addition, everyone can try to beat the dungeons of the old add-on for a while.

All types of tests

The event is divided into 7 trials, which can be completed with a choice of different classes, similar in specialization:

An Impossible Foe – Defeat the demon Aghata in her lair. The fight consists of one phase. The boss periodically teleports from the player to another part of the room, summons assistants who buff Aghata and leave poisonous puddles. Complicating the situation is constantly rolling fragments of balls from the back of the player.

The God-Queen’s Fury – the player has to save Odin from the goddess Sigryn and her two minions. The battle takes place in a round arena. Each of the bosses has unique abilities that need to be interrupted. To win the challenge, it is recommended to lower the health of the mobs evenly.

The Highlord’s Return is a challenge for tank specialization. First, the player will need to deal with the servant of Vaaris, and only then engage in battle with the powerful demon Kruul. The battle is made more difficult by the fact that with each tank strike more damage is dealt, and it is also possible to fly off the platform.

Thwarting the Twins – Initially, you enter the arena with Karam to stop his brother Raest. But later, with the help of magic, the twins unite, and you will have to fight against both. The player’s task is to kill Raest first so that Karam survives, otherwise the first brother’s damage will increase by 500%.

End of the Risen Threat is a healer specialization scenario. One of the longest storylines with three phases. First, the player needs to kill waves of opponents, healing himself and his allies along the way. Then comes the rest phase, where you can restore mana and wait for cooldowns to cool down. In the second phase, the player will fight his way through enemies to save his friends. In the final, you need to defeat Lord Erdris within the allotted time.

Closing the Eye – the fight consists of two phases and several transitions. First you need to defeat the archmage Xylem, and then his shadow in the form of a demon. The ice and shadow phases do a lot of damage, so it’s important to take talents for additional healing. In the last phase, it is recommended to change talents, as the damage race will begin. The player needs to kill the boss within the allotted time until the platform is filled with void zones.

Feltotem’s Fall is a fight against two bosses Tugar and Jormog. The player needs to kill them at the same time so that no one gets a 500% damage boost. At the very beginning, Jormog has -90% incoming damage. To remove the plates, you need to direct the worm to the stones. Periodically, additional mobs will appear on the platform.

The event will last until the beginning of January, after which it will appear only with the next time travel. It can take a long time to complete all the challenges and get unique rewards. In this case, it is better to resort to the help of Epiccarry – WoW boost service,which will pass all the tests in the shortest possible time.

Additional Rewards

During the main Legion expansion, completing Mage Tower earned players unique weapon skins, and Druids also received skins for their forms. The developers listened to the community and created another unique “corrupted” Guardian Bear skin. Players who complete all seven challenges with different characters linked to the same account will receive the “Mage-Bound Spelltome” mount and an achievement.

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