Printers are in no short supply and for me it has been something I tend to skip to have at my disposal bringing my business to local print shops which is a bit time consuming as I work from home and it seems to be always at a bad time when something needs doing, that however has changed despite my local printing shop wondering where I have been of late and I told him that I was sent a printer to review and we also have more coming in which is a but of a double whammy for said print shop.

Ok as far a printers go it copies prints and scans documents it is an average sized printer but not too bulky and it can be transported in a car if you travel, not as small as one we recently reviewed but it is portable if you need it to be. For me now it sits at home beside my office set-up and remains there but this one for me has a trick up its sleeve and comes with and app too which makes things so much easier for those that work from their mobile phone printing documents and so on and for me signing NDA agreements and product loans etc and if I am out when these documents need attention I can do this on the go and print it so it is ready when I get in or it is in the cloud.

You can also assign other people to use the printer or just keep it for yourself so like an open office nobody can just go up and use it, ink is not cheap you know and for me that works and the funny thing is when this came into my house it was amazing how many said “oh I need to print stuff” well I just laughed and said nothing and went on with my day letting them all look at it and figure out how it works.



Speaking off how it works it is simple with the control panel on the left with a small LCD display but it does not stop there, The HP smart app is where it is all at for me, I rarely have to copy anything, it is normally documents that need to be signed and this is what suits me best. Other than that it works fine as a typical printer that copies multiple pages,scans docs and so on.

The HP smart app is where it is at and we go through this in the video below on what it is all about and how it works and it is pretty simple to use in fairness and the app works really well, you will need to set up your printer to your Wi-Fi and connect up with the app and once this done you are good to go, it is not hard to set up either and by no means slow when printing however there is a delay between devices talking to each other as expected it is not the same as just printing off documents on the tray that come out immediately.

HP Deskjet 2720e techbuzzireland
HP Deskjet 2720e techbuzzireland

Another feature or addition if you will is the option to get instant in for 6 months as a trial basis and get more with HP+



  • BEST FOR BASIC PRINTING – Print basic colour documents like recipes, forms and travel documents
  • KEY FEATURES – Print, copy and scan in colour, plus mobile and wireless printing
  • HP+ SMART PRINTING SYSTEM – The optional HP+ system enables your printer to think ahead so it’s more secure, more productive and ready when you are. Requires an HP account, internet connection and use of only Original HP Ink for the life of the printer
  • 6 MONTHS OF INSTANT INK INCLUDED & AN EXTRA YEAR OF HP WARRANTY – when you activate optional HP+ and Instant Ink when setting up your printer. Only with HP+
  • EASY SETUP – Get started fast on any device with the HP Smart app that guides you step by step
  • HP SMART APP – Print, scan and copy from your phone—whenever, wherever. Get advanced features for 24 months with HP+
  • WORRY-FREE WIRELESS – Get better range and more reliable connections using dual-band Wi-Fi with self-reset
  • INK DELIVERED BEFORE YOU RUN OUT – Never run out of ink with an optional Instant Ink subscription. Try for 6 months with HP+. Credit card required; change or cancel anytime

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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