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Dell Technologies Ireland, has today unveiled its top five technology predictions for 2022. The technology leader is forecasting how advances in 5G and Edge computing together with a greater focus on cyber resilience will change the way businesses and organisations protect and harness the value of data in the next twelve months.

With 41% of businesses in Ireland saying the pandemic has significantly increased the amount of data they need to capture and act on, this explosion in data is only set to grow in 2022. Advances in 5G connectivity, Edge computing and the shift to as-a-Service will make managing and extracting value from large amounts of data easier and more efficient for Irish businesses.

The technology predictions for 2022 follow a year in which Dell Technologies uncovered the complex challenges associated with gathering large amounts of data. According to the company’s Global Data Paradox, 63% of companies in Ireland regard their business as data-driven yet only 20% testify to prioritising its use across the business. In addition, although handling greater amounts of data than before, almost 60% of companies in Ireland have not come close to realising their digital transformation goals.

Unveiling his 2022 predictions, Jason Ward said: “As we look ahead to 2022, technology will provide a path to sustaining economic recovery as well as helping businesses to unlock the value of data to achieve their digital transformation goals.

“To help organisations on this road, we’ve identified five technology predictions that will play a key role in 2022. Advances in 5G connectivity will enable greater numbers of businesses to extract real-time insights from data – at the Edge – as well as supporting unprecedented connectivity to transform different aspects of our society.

“We’ll also see cyber security become intrinsic to digital transformation, protecting the growing amounts of data being generated by businesses. Meanwhile, the shift to as-a-Service will accelerate sharply as organisations look to improve their agility and data management. In doing so, they can turn their data burden into a data advantage.

“Next year will also see emerging technologies accelerate the shift to a more sustainable future. At Dell Technologies, we believe that by looking ahead and identifying the IT challenges to come, business leaders can overcome the obstacles standing in the way of digital transformation and remain resilient, competitive and sustainable in the long-term.” 

Top 5 Predictions:

The top technology predictions include:

  • Prediction 1: Cybersecurity will become intrinsic to digital transformation

With the increased focus on technology over the course of the pandemic, cyber resilience has never been more important. The new year will see cybersecurity become intrinsic to digital transformation. No longer seen as an ‘added extra’, organisations will build security and resilience into the very fabric of their IT ecosystem, from supply chains and services to infrastructure and devices.

  • Prediction 2: 5G set to become the digital fabric of our data-driven era

2022 will mark the turning point for widespread connectivity enabled by 5G. As the digital fabric of our data-driven era, 5G will accelerate the creation of digital cities and a surge in new smart mobility services from autonomous vehicles to connected scooters. Private 5G rollout will also become a viable option for many large businesses in the areas of manufacturing and logistics. This heralds a new era of private connection for businesses, enabling greater data-driven insights and real-time business decisions.


  • Prediction 3: Opportunities at the Edge will be realised    

As we move into 2022, more organisations will seek to act on data closer to where it is created – at the Edge. With an 800% increase in apps at the Edge expected by 2024, Edge Computing will become the new battleground as data management becomes a new class of workload. Fuelled by 5G, a growing number of organisations in Ireland will seek to capitalise on Edge Computing to increase the speed at which they gather data and enable decision-making in real-time.

  • Prediction 4: Technology to be consumed ‘as-a-Service’

With 83% of businesses around the world battling outdated IT infrastructure, a growing number of Irish organisations will embrace technology ‘as-a-Service’. The IDC predicts that by 2024, half of data centre infrastructure will be consumed ‘as-a-Service, bringing with it the ability to scale to meet the evolving needs of businesses.


  • Prediction 5: IT to play a greater role in advancing sustainability   

As the world becomes more aware of its climate commitments, 2022 is due to see an enhanced focus on the role of emerging technology in advancing sustainability. From more efficient farming practices enabled by AI to advanced robotics and 5G fighting water pollution, new technologies have the potential to create a greener future. There will also be a greater focus on how technology companies themselves will meet their own sector-specific sustainability goals.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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