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The next product in from Google is the Nest indoor cam wired, again like its Nest Cam Floodlight this requires a socket which most houses today have lots of, this one is less complicated that the outdoor one and comes with a nice long cable so you can be a bit picky if required where to place the camera which is small and compact and looks well if I do say so.

This camera has some limitations though as to how much it can move as it is fixed having said that it can be mounted on a wall to so the choice is yours on where to place it and again you can move it around the house if required..

People might often ask why do we need indoor cameras and I have heard so called security experts stating there is no need for them on Irish radio before which is utter rubbish and let me tell you why this is rubbish.

Firstly they can be used to protect your home should someone get by the rest of your set-up, Secondly you can use them to monitor elderly parents and so on and I know some that do and lastly you can use them to monitor your pets at home should you be out for a few hours or even if you are out for a short period and something happens or the pet get disturbed for example you are a click away to see what is going on so for me that statement still is a laughable one at best.



The indoor cam comes with all the same features as you would expect and we go through these with sample footage in our video review below and show you around the app and also how it looks like on your mest hub, this is a simple plug and play set up and you will be up and running in less that 5 minutes and your camera is good to go, you should familiarise yourself with the app and get to grips with what is on offer and the settings that are inside but we have you covered there.

Finally it is not another camera you need to keep charging as it is powered by your home socket which is another benefit and therefore nothing to worry about keeping an eye on the battery, the wireless cameras do give you plenty of notice too so there is nothing to worry about in the grand scheme of things overall and if like you you are invested in Google hardwear this is another addition you should think about adding to your home, the only caveat with this and the other google cameras is there is no pan and tilt options but in their next iteration this might be something for them to include going forward but other than that it is fine as is once placed in the best place for you that gives you the best coverage.

Click the link below to pick up the new indoor wired cam and check out some more there and check out our hands on review below.

Video Review



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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