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I have been testing this piece of kit out for a few weeks now and one thing people say is this not redundant and I do get their point with our mobile phones doing everything from weather to music calls and traffic but this is on a smaller scale and phones are not specifically designed for the aforementioned.

Garmin are well known in the industry and also have dash cams and smartwatches too some of which we have reviewed in the past but today we take a closer look at the Campervan Sat-Nav, we also have a real hands on look at the unit in our video review below so you get some context over stock image reviews. We show you the features, the unit in operation and more so you get to get a better idea of what exactly you get from the product.

Build and set up

Basically it is a big tablet and it is a well built one at that however it can be placed nicely in your window or where suits you best and it is a simply suction cup and cable to get things going and you are good to go, you might be better off walking through the menu first to change any settings that suit your need though. You should also download the Garmin Drivesmart app to get extra features, I did once snub the app but it has much improved and now includes really cool weather features too, live traffic and much more

The display is bright and clear and one thing I love is the voice navigation it is pleasing which some might find odd but I love it it is clear loud and not really robotic like some systems are. You can also make calls on this and again clear and concise.

Who is this for

It is aimed at those who like camping which has seen a huge rise in recent times but anyone can use it including van drivers that want that bit more and you can see yourself what is on offer via the menu and if like me you like hotels, food and the likes there is a tripdavisor suggestion tool along with many others which you can select from to suit your own personal requirements. Having said all that this can be used by anyone in fairness and it is a nice piece of kit to have.


The Campervan Sat-Nav has many features on board which basically covers you all round, you have Bluetooth, WiFi big clear screen loud clear navigation prompts, warnings for your speed which is vital for how things work today with the fish in a barrel approach by the speed detection vans and pop up windows for turns where applicable to give you a better view of the lanes you might be approaching, again all this is seen in the video review..


This might put some off for a standalone kit, even for me I was kind of leaning the same direction but the pros outweigh the cons as you keep your phone to yourself and you have everything else at your fingertips here on a big screen and the feature I love most asides the navigation is the weather feature which is really cool.. The price of this unit will set you back 299 euros


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