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Google have launched new home smarts as we know and they are a welcome addition and if you are already invested in Google hardwear even better in my eyes and as mentioned on launch day I would be swapping over to this kit throughout my home and have ordered extra hardware to complete a full set up..

The Nest Doorbell is the first product we look at today and we will go through all the features and what you can expect to get for your money as they are on the pricey side for some folk.

Build Quality

The Nest Doorbell is tall and thin compared to my old setups here, I have went through several video doorbells over the years and find them a must have in the home and the Google Nest doorbell is no different.. This is white and noticeable and anyone into tech would know it is a Google product with their stand out colour. It is also robust and it stands out with a big black circle up top holding all the hardware and a big white circle on bottom that illuminates once activated and there is a gap in between. It does blend in better on your wall if the right colour but not really a huge deal as many folk have such products on their wall no matter how silly some do look..



There is no chime with the doorbell so this may be a problem for some, if you have a Goolge nest hub at home you are in business as you can watch a live feed or get notifications on the hub itself so you can see who is at the door if you do not have your phone at hand which is great, if you do not have a nest hub you need one in your house.

Battery life 

You can use the nest doorbell wired or wireless which gives everyone an option, wired being better however I prefer wireless and you will get a decent run on battery life, on seeing results it seems average to the others I own but cant predict how long exactly but calculating so far it seems on par but we can come back to it in a few months and see how well it does, your traffic will of course impede on the battery life like with any tech product but you can use battery saving tips such as sensitivity and area zoning to minimise notifications this is something you should use if you have a busy pathway, we go through this in the video review down below. I would wager once a month here for the average user.

The App 

As seen above the app is quite good, you do need to navigate around the app though to get the full benefits on the product and the best part most of the stuff anyone needs is free however you do need a Nest subscription if you want more but for the majority of people the package as is will be fine, there is lots to fiddle around with to get what your needs are and again we go through this in the video

Speaker and video 

The video and audio quality is good here and on par with other known brands, tested both on my pixel 5 and Galaxy flip 3 and all worked a treat, I also tested from the Nest hub and again we can see this in the video review from our phone and nest hub both inside the house and outside and what you can expect to hear and see, you can toggle in the settings the quality you require the time frame and more and also pre-record messages if you like, the choice is yours here.

Things to try with Nest Doorbell 

Set up visitor announcements: Visitor announcements use your Google Assistant-enabled speakers and displays (sold separately) to announce when someone rings your doorbell. If you have Nest Aware (sold separately), your visitors can even be announced by name. To set up visitor announcements, make sure you have a Display already set up with your

Google account. Open the Google Home app, tap on your doorbell and select “Settings.” From there, select “Doorbell” and toggle “Visitor announcements” on. 

Optimize your video stream: In the Google Home app, you can choose to optimize your camera stream for battery life. Open the app and tap on your Doorbell, then tap the Settings wheel. From there, tap “Battery,” and “Battery usage” to adjust your setting for more recording, more battery life, or default, which balances the two. There’s also an option to turn on “Automatic battery saver,” which automatically conserves power when the battery life is less than 7 days. 

Use quick responses or set quiet time: When you can’t get to the door or you’re away from home, use Quick Responses in the Google Home app to respond to someone, like “Just a sec, we’ll be right there,” or “You can just leave it. Thanks!” Tap on your doorbell in the Google Home app, then tap “More.” From there, choose your quick response. You can also set Quiet Time from the same place if you don’t want your doorbell to ring during a specific time. 

Create Activity Zones for more tailored alerts: Nest Doorbell can identify packages as close to 8” from your door, and if you’d like the camera to focus on a specific part of what’s in view for extra-relevant notifications, set up an Activity Zone. To add an Activity Zone, tap your doorbell in the Google Home app, then tap the Settings wheel. From there, tap “Events,” “Seen Events,” and add a new Activity Zone. 

View your 3-hour event history in the Google Home app: In the Google Home app, tap your doorbell, then tap “History.” From there, you can view your most recent event, or tap “Full history” to see what’s happened over the course of the last 3 hours. 

  • WIth a Nest Aware subscription, you can view 30 to 60 days of event video history. 

Filter your events by type: When you tap “Full history,” you also have the option to filter your events by type. Tap the “Filter” icon (an upside down triangle) in the top right corner to filter your events by device type if you have multiple cameras or doorbells, or notification, such as “Package,” “Vehicle,” “Person,” or “Animal.” 

Add a Nest Aware subscription for up to 60 days of event video history: On our new cameras and doorbell, many intelligent features are available at no additional cost, but a Nest Aware subscription adds: 

  • More video history (30 or 60 days) 

Navigate to to subscribe.


Some may find this product a little expensive in comparison to what else is on offer out there today however if you are already invested into Google it is worth the spend, for example I have moved to a chromebook and no matter where I am I can get notifications on it whilst working anywhere if my phone is not on it and it is all how things sync up together and overall as a home security feature it works well with all the features required for most without the need for a subscription and during my testing it has worked flawlessly when it comes to notifications and using all the features including the two way audio which has little or no lag compared to others I have tried in the past.


BUY HEREBUY HERE      Watch the video below for more and what you get for your money. Cant see the video click here



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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