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The Enacfire ANC earbuds are an affordable fair of earbuds with ANC present, As I have said before the cost to performance ratio has come down on earbuds and ANC is a feature many desire but overall how do these perform coming in at around 55 euros are they worth a punt… You can check out a shorts unboxing here

Build Quality

These are made of plastic however really light and they are compact with a smaller stem design than most out there today overall they are indeed a smaller earbud in general on the entire size for the format and look current with the design but we have seen similar designs like this before.


These are light and fit quite well and with the right tips you will be fine and with the IPX7 rating these are fine for the gym if you wear such they do not move or wiggle when jogging so overall a decent experience and no pressure on the ears either when changing the controls.


The performance from these overall is quite good for their price it must be said and from my usual test run they did a great job,highs lows and mids well balanced and direction yet no distortion when maxed out either, a bit brighter than other earbuds but did well even with some bass in there for the mix and loud enough volume wise. Bass fans however might want to look elsewhere unless the company gives us an EQ app in the future which would be nice.


The controls worked really well on these and we go through these in the video below there is some lag on the volume control but all fine otherwise and you do also get access to your voice assistant to, for a cheap pair of earbuds these perform really well in comparison to some others tested and the touch sensitive area is placed well.

These also come with transparency mode and found this less effective than other earbuds but this might not bother some but something to look into, the ANC done a decent job again compared to other sub 100 euro earbuds, battery life is on par but shy of the claims by about 45 /60 mins in my testing but overall a good offering here. These also can be used individually which is a good option.


See video below for more. Click here if you cant see video

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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