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Nokia has a slew of devices on the market now and one thing I have noticed is we are seeing a pattern that is very familiar with them ie they look all the same now and this something Samsung have been known for hence their nickname SameSong over the years alongside Apple but seemed to have addressed that to an extent of late with their new devices and we will have our Flip 3 review in soon too so stay tuned for that. However for Nokia and HMD their devices are getting better as time goes on and hopefully we will see a true flagship offering soon as the market is super saturated right now and maybe they can pull something off in the coming weeks with smartphone season kicking off.

The USP of the Nokia X20

The USP of the Nokia X20 is battery, 5G and a big screen with a three year warranty and this may tick the box for the many folks out there who just want something with a decent sized screen and battery to consume media on but as for 5G you can forget about it now as the uptake is bad and being on it myself well lets say it is nothing to write home about, in fact my service has been terrible since I moved over to 5G but you cans say the Nokia X20 has future proofed itself as long as they dont start dropping too many phones out over the coming months and keep their portfolio tailored and have no conflicting devices which in turn makes others redundant like others seem to have a habit of doing.

Who is the Nokia X20 for

Well to be fair here it can be for anyone, if you have money to spend and want to show off with your iPhone 12 pro max off you go to your limited experience as always is with Apple and most tech journos never shut up about the iPhone, I do own one and find it good in fairness but restrictions still apply and stupid ones at that which make it hard for me to use it as a daily driver, Using two phones as my daily drivers I tend to use an Android device and a test device or my iPhone but the iPhone sits in my drawer for the most part, The X20 is mid tier and affordable ticking the key boxes for most but you have small hands look somewhere else because this is a big phone.


For daily tasks it has been fine and that means multitasking all day long with the usual 2 email accounts open and all my social media and news feeds etc and it was no problem, like who in fairness uses their phone to its full potential? Not many I bet but doing my everyday tasks as I do on any phone it has been fine with no lags or reboots during use and I get a day out of it no problem and that is a bug feat in my book.


Not going to bore you with the specs but it does a good job overall and is capable for the majority of people who will use this phone you wont get great shots like more expensive phones but well balanced overall a decent enough for a point and shoot device. You get a 64MB main camera and three other lenses and one lens like on most phones is a stick on and there is no point in it being there and video shooting maxes out at 1080P at 60fps and you can also use 30fps here if you want so no 4K here which is a letdown. The front facing camera is 32MP and being honest quite good on this front and probably one of the better ones out there especially at the price.


With a 6.7 inch fhd display consuming media is nice to say despite its 60hz refresh rate but most phones in this category are the same but more leaning towards a higher refresh rate like 90hz. It still offers a decent experience for the consumer and with everyone now on their mobiles now more than ever watching films on this is a great experience with a decent enough speaker but the colours are bright and pop so overall it is great and when browsing the web you have a better screen estate to work with and makes it a more comfortable experience offering a better view rather than tall thin devices . It has a plastic build but looks like metal so do not let that fool you and many lower end mid tier phones use this approach and get away with it however some might prefer this as the phone is lighter and easy to hold in the hand.


With a 4470 mAh battery it is considered big and for what it is powering all day long it lasts a day which i said earlier which is good and for most average users you can expect a two day life with one charge but the thing is we are now on our phones more and the minority would get the two days out of it. This however is not a bad thing either as one a one day battery life for most is great and the expectation for most users these days until the battery technology improves however you do get quick charge here and again battery size will have alot to do with cost and weight and it is well balanced here.


With 128GB of storage, 8GB RAM Android One which has no bloatware, three year warranty a big screen and decent cameras this might be one to look at it also looks more expensive than it is and something many manufacturers can do now to give devices a better aesthetic look it is a good all rounder for the average joe soap, with the competition rife in the smartphone market you might look at imported phones but that is another issue if you run into problems with repairs etc it is a one to perhaps look into if you are on a budget..

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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