General speaking, managers and business owners will understand the importance of having efficient, cost-efficient communication within the company as well as with outside parties. Employees need to work together to achieve the same goal in an increasingly competitive business world.

Collaboration between different departments should be encouraged and incorporated into every company’s corporate culture. Therefore, it is important for businesses to have the best possible video conferencing equipment.

However, budget constraints mean that communication and collaboration costs among your team members should be kept as low as possible. Your company should have a clear, efficient, and cost-effective communication system, regardless of whether your employees work remotely or in other offices.

If you are looking for integrated web conferencing capabilities? Below is a list of some of the most advanced video conferencing hardware from Joyusing, including audio, speakerphone and video. They can be integrated into meeting rooms and are easy to use because they are intended to function together.

Joyusing Video Conferencing Equipment: video conference camera

Joyusing is a well-known brand in the teleconferencing hardware industry, because of its innovative designs and creation of high-quality audio-visual systems for teleconferencing.


H210 Video Conference Camera

H210 is a kind of our latest video conferencing equipment, integrating with HD camera, microphone, speaker, and DSP (digital signal processing) chip together. With compact & portable design, easy to install, fast to setup, H210 is ideal for small video conferencing. Compatible with to Windows7/8/10, Android, Apple and many different operating systems, supporting ZOOM, SKYPE, Microsoft Team, Meet, GoToMeeting, Cisco, etc.


  • 1080p HD camera,microphone,speaker, DSP chip 
  • 3M pickup radius, 90° horizontal field of view 
  • Intuitive plug-and-play USB, easy and fast setup 
  • Owing to DSP, purifying the background noise greatly is feasible


The hardware is specifically designed for conferencing. It can be used for online meetings and video conferencing. This web conferencing solution is compact and easy to use. Its compact design doesn’t affect its performance. 

Although many companies will place more importance on form than function, it is a good idea to have a video conference camera that can do both. This all-in-one solution for video conferencing includes a 90-degree camera, built-in omnidirectional microphone and a speaker. It allows businesses to hold online video conferencing meetings in anywhere you want. 

Joyusing Video Conferencing Equipment: Webcam

The above video conferencing solutions combine audio and video into one system. However, some companies need a dedicated video capability to use in their conference rooms. 

N1088 Webcam

Each conference room has its own dimensions and is unique. If your conference room requires a budget 4k webcam, you can take Joyusing N1088 into your consideration. The N1088 is a 4K Ultra HD auto focus webcam with a built-in noise reduction microphone for professional video and audio. Benefit from the latest developed six layers of high-gloss optical glass, the webcam works out a resolution of 3840*2160. The device supports full HD video communication without latency, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free communication.


  • Ultra HD 4K image sensor 
  • Built-in noise-cancelling microphone 
  • Premium autofocus function 
  • 90° diagonal field of view 
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, 
  • Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS , Chrome, Android



Joyusing Video Conferencing Equipment: Speakerphone

If you need dedicated speakerphone hardware to use with Zoom (or your other video conferencing software of choice), below is the Joyusing hot sale and the best video conferencing microphones on the market. The microphone is compatible with many web-based conferencing software. It produces high-quality audio for your audiences, so your online meetings will not be interrupted by poor sound quality.

 CS16 USB Conferencing speakerphone

This high-quality online speakerphone is ideal for meeting with clients. As a professional-grade USB conference speakerphone, CS16 supports Bluetooth and 2.4G 

wireless. It is born with powerful functions and user-friendly designs. With built-in 4 microphone arrays and a acquisition distance of 5 meters (16ft), it is ideal for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. Instant set-up by using the 3 meters USB cable to connect to the video conferencing terminal. With an optional extended microphone, the conversation area can be expanded to a radius of 7meters (23ft).


  • 48K ultra-wide-band enhance voice pickup with real-time echo cancellation 
  • Universal compatibility to various software video conferencing and network conferencing 
  • Applicable for online meetings up to 15 attendees in an area up to 40m 
  • Perfect standby time and portability for conference in any scenarios 
  • Intelligent mixing microphone and dynamic noise suppression deliver quality conversation. 




From all above, you may have a basic understanding of industry-leading video conferencing software with high-quality hardware, you can improve the communication experience for your employees and consultants. The all-in-one conferencing solution is ideal for businesses that needs a complete online meeting solution. If you need audio or video, you can choose the speakerphone or video camera hardware listed in this article. Every business can find the right product for their needs in the video conference equipment market.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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