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The all new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has just landed and can this be the one that converts people into the flip game? It has been some time since I have used a Samsung device and this one grabbed my attention so we decided to purchase it ourselves and I will now take this for a good test run over the next few weeks and see can it make me switch to a foldable device which reminds me of the old days when they where popular and I did own and still have quite a few flip phones in my collection..

On first impressions the device is solid and has a better build this time round and a great screen and the cameras seem to quite good too but lets see how all this fairs out over the next few weeks, comparing to the previous model it has more to offer and a better outer display yet still small and they could have utilised the space better on the front to give us a bigger screen to play with but maybe next time that might happen but it is also more functional this time around too and I guess it is welcome..

Check out the unboxing and walk-around of the device below and if you have any questions feel free to hit us up in the comments and we will gladly answer them.. Also if you want to protect your new device, you can find a rich offer of phone accessories online.

Cant see video – click here 


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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