As time has progressed, so has the way in which society sees and deals with many of their usual doings. Just like with many other sorts of entertainment, the gaming and gambling industry has also seen its fair share of transformations and renovations, all towards ensuring that its fans always get the best product available. Thanks to all the technological advances that we are met with on a daily basis, both the gaming and gambling industry have opened up even more to the idea of having everything be as technologically savvy and comfortable for its customers including, stronger online gaming presences and online gambling platforms amongst others.

With 2021 being a year in which the online gaming and gambling industries have seen an up rise in their markets and demands, especially with more and more people finding an interest in these lines of entertainment through technology, here are the top online gaming trends that we have seen through 2021.

Online Casinos Are Taking Over Brick and Mortar Casinos

While many people can blame the COVD-19 pandemic as one of the main reasons as to why brick and mortar style casinos and gaming houses have taken a rough decline in popularity the fact of the matter is that since the full irruption of technology in the gaming and online gambling industries, some much necessary changes and lifting changes have been put into place. Said changes have helped these industries rise in popularity becoming a favorite for gaming fans to be able to enjoy their favorite activities from the comfort of their phones, tablets, computers or other mobile devices without having to leave their homes.

While most land based casinos are usually concentrated in specific areas like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, with online casinos hitting the scene, now players don’t have to think about having to plan and book a trip to any of these destinations whenever they have a hankering for some gambling. The amount of money that players save because of not having to plan actual trips to these places has allowed them to be able to invest more in their favorite online gaming and gambling sites which also helps them by offering top line offers for their enjoyment. Online casinos are able to offer players vast varieties of games that might not be found in physical land based establishments, making them way more appealing for customers than the latter ones.

Welcoming The Use of Cryptocurrencies Has Become Key

By now the number of industries and businesses that use and accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment is becoming bigger than the number of industries and businesses that don’t, so of course that the online gaming and gambling industries had to jump on that wagon and go with the flow. As 2021 has gone by, it’s been more and more noticeable that online gaming and gambling platforms have started accepting crypto currencies with much more ease and comfort, allowing their customers to do their dealings with cryptos instead of relying on bank deposits, withdrawals and others. 

One of the main factors that has put the usage of cryptocurrencies in the gaming and gambling industries as a top positive trend in 2021 has been the level of safety and security protocols that are managed by crypto managing companies that work alongside the gaming and gambling companies. Gamers and gambling fans are met with protocols in which they can enjoy their usual action while being basically anonymous and their actions being untraceable, with theft and hacking threats being brought down to a minimum. Crypto currencies are slowly but surely making their way to becoming a top priority in all walks of business and the online gaming and gambling industries are not the exception.

VR Games Are Gaining More and More Popularity

Virtual reality games or VR games have not only become an entertainment source enjoyed by kids, it’s also made its way into the online gaming and gambling industry and with much praise and acceptance. As more and more VR gaming accessories have hit the market a push for VR-based casinos has started to happen with people asking to be able to live a true casino experience virtually from the comfort of their own homes. 

Companies such as Net Entertainment have already tried out prototypes of gaming versions of some of their most popular slot machine games and others towards being able to offer the full idea of a VR based casino. It seems like it’s only a matter of time until VR-based casinos are a reality.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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