Recently there have been scams involving AnPost and others including DHL where they ask for small fee to get your parcel delivered, As said before this will not happen but the inclusion of what to look out for is lacking detail. Whilst they do have a warning on their site there is no information there as to what exactly to look out for should you end up getting this message.

Above is  what you need to look out for even if you click the link in the text it is again quite similar to the recent DHL scam which gives you a legit looking page to fill but but with the alpha tag on the sms and the URL on the pages linked it is clear this is another phishing attempt from scammers.

email scam for an post techbuzzireland


Below is video how to check if you have a package or not from An Post this also applies to any courier, go to the website copy and paste the tracking number and see if it exists also check 17track to see if the tracking number exists and if it is life just to be sure. With the pandemic people are now shopping online even more and often the case might forget they had a package coming, also a shipment might have been split or you could be getting a package as a gift and this is the basis these work on..


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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