DHL and Viber SMS scams to watch out for here is all the details.@Viber @DHLExpressIre #DHL #Viber #Scams

Waking up to a scam is nothing new these days however getting up this morning I had several messages from followers regarding a Viber scam then yet I go the message myself and also a DHL scam which is something to take more interest in as it leads you to a website imitating DHL to give a payment of sorts.

The DHL one begins with an sms looking for a small fee to get your item delivered. DHL will not ask you for this information and if there is any issues with a package they will call you,they have a system in place anyway for dealing with transactions. This site is only trying to get steal your information which looks legit and some might be caught out here given the small amount they seek

The Viber group message going around is to join a group but leads you to a sex site but you are offered the chance to block or open the link so use your head and just block it and pass it on also if you have any of your kids on the app I would advise you to check their phone or block the number in question.

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