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Find out a list of the top 7 most distracting apps. Which one will make you forget about your studies?

Learning is often a long and challenging process. Moreover, it might become even more complicated if you are constantly distracted from your studies. Which apps usually make students stick to the screen of their smartphones for hours? Let’s find out more information about this common issue below. 


There is nothing new that most students have dozens of academic assignments that should be completed within the shortest terms. Many learners are forced to constantly do the research and look for the answers to different questions related to their studies, such as “what is a capstone project?” or “how to write an essay on ecology fast?” Fortunately, there is a handy solution to this issue. Now, you can get professional academic writing and mba assignment help in a reliable way. Just order papers online and solve all your academic issues in no time. This will allow you to use your favourite apps as much time as you want without any limitations. So, here is the list of the most popular apps that are incredibly popular among students all over the world. 

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This is one of the most popular social networking services among students.People use it globally and many users choose to have the TikTok growth service to stay in the top. If you haven’t tried using it already, it might make you forget about everything for hours. The core function of this app is an opportunity to share short videos with your friends and the entire world. You can find millions of funny and entertaining videos on the platform that will make you laugh out loud. The maximum length of a video is only one minute. 

Moreover, it is easy to share your own videos too. The app is intuitively understandable and user-friendly. Not to mention, the number of TikTok downloads in the past year reached 800 million.


This is a veteran social media with a whopping number of users that continues to grow. Even your parents and grandma might be using Facebook. The network has an incredible number of functions and options available to all users. This includes sharing photos and videos, finding friends and mates, connecting with other people, selling goods and services, placing ads, and many more. 

Facebook is considered one of the most common distractors for many learners since you might spend days and hours on this social media. 


Online communication has long become a considerable part of our lives. It’s easy to drop a message, send photos and videos, make video and audio calls, and chat in groups on the most popular messengers. However, WhatsApp still takes first place on the list of the most commonly used apps for online communication. You can hardly find a person who doesn’t use WhatsApp to send free messages to their family and friends. By the way, the app is completely free to use. 


This is another powerful social media that revolutionised the digital world almost a decade ago. The main thing you can do there is to share countless photos, posts, and stories with your subscribers. Moreover, blogging on Instagram allows monetisation. This means the popular bloggers can earn thousands of dollars by sharing different types of information by means of Instagram. You can do that, too. 


This app is also known as Facebook messenger. The app allows you to communicate with hundreds of friends from Facebook, as well as chat with people out of your network. It is an easy, convenient, and reliable way to keep in touch with all your mates.

Messenger can also be used for business purposes. In case you sell goods or services on Facebook, you can communicate with all your customers via this handy app. 


This is another incredibly popular app for chatting and sharing media. The number of downloads of this app has reached 280 million in the past year only. Moreover, the service attracts more and more new users with its flawless design and rich functionality. It’s easy to have fun and forget about all your worries with Snapchat! 


Everyone knows Netflix. The mobile app of this popular service is currently booming. If you are fond of watching movies, series, and the most well-known TV shows, Netflix is always ready to offer you such an opportunity. The app contains millions of different high-resolution videos, so you can now enjoy watching your favourites anytime and everywhere. 

If you wonder about the numbers, over 220 million people have been using Netflix to spend their time in an easy and relaxing way. The variety of genres and styles of movies available on the app looks overwhelming even for the most dedicated cinema lovers. 

Final Words 

The most popular apps for most students are social media and messengers. This is because online communication now takes a considerable part of the free time of most people. Facebook,

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