We must admit that kids of the young generation are much more tech-savvy than us. Although, as millennials, we have witnessed the great revolution of technology. From Symbian phones to smart digital devices, the 80s and 90s kids know how fast technology has surrounded us. 

At present, cell phone and tablet monitoring have become a common activity. The reason? Well, with the increasing number of smartphones, the rate of cyber threats is also increasing. The most concerned people demanding mobile spy apps are parents, of course!

Kids use technology for educational and entertainment purposes without fear until they encounter cyberbullying or any other online threat. Honestly speaking, the internet is not a secure place for children. Unrestricted and unlimited internet access can invite online dangers to kids’ real lives. 

If you think that you need to spy on your child online, we recommend trying TheWiSpy monitoring app. Keep reading this spy app review to discover more about TWS monitoring solutions.

WiSpy app

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is one of the most prevalent spy apps that offers quality monitoring features to keep track of your target devices’ cellular activities. It is a spy app for Android helping parents to spy on the mobile and tablet activities of kids secretly. TWS app also offers corporate solutions to advance employee surveillance. Yes, you can monitor work phones and tablets with this Android tracking app

TheWiSpy is undetectable. It works non-intrusively. The target user can not notice a spy app is installed on his/her cell phone.

How Does TheWiSpy Operate?

TheWiSpy is an Android monitoring app designed to record all the information (stored or happening) on the target device. However, like other mobile applications, TWS also needs to be installed on the target phone or tablet. After getting installed, TWS starts imitating the target device’s cyber activities and uploads all the gathered information on an online control panel. TheWiSpy control panel is easily accessible through any mobile or desktop device. All you need to do is open your TWS account via any web browser. TheWiSpy online dashboard lets you enjoy advanced spying with remote access. 

TheWiSpy Supported Devices:

TWS is compatible with Android devices of top brands. Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Google Pixel, every Android device can be monitored by TWS app. There is one thing to remember, TWS only supports Android phones/tablets that hold OS versions of 4 or plus. It means that you can monitor Android devices with the OS version of Ice Cream Sandwich up to the latest operating system. 

TheWiSpy Features:

Most of us confuse spying with monitoring. Although, spying and monitoring both mean to keep an eye on someone’s activities. But, in the digital world, cell phone spying has only one purpose – to save loved ones from cyber threats.

TheWiSpy comes with a wide set of monitoring features. You can use TWS features for parental, corporate, or even personal reasons.

Hereunder are the most powerful monitoring features of TWS app

Phone Call Recording – The app enables you to hear all the call recordings of incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can record the active phone calls and listen to the recordings whenever you find time. You can also spy on call history and monitor most frequent callers secretly.

Contacts Monitoring – From saved contacts to call logs numbers, TWS allows you to monitor the contact list and all the saved and unsaved numbers present on your target device.

GPS Location Tracking – Using TheWiSpy, it is very easy to track someone’s whereabouts. You can monitor live location as well as location history with TWS app.

Text Message Monitoring – Sent, received, draft, or deleted text messages; TWS can track them all. You can read the text chats remotely and secretly. 

Multimedia Tracking – Monitor saved, captured, and downloaded multimedia files secretly. With TWS app, you can spy on the media gallery of your target phone or tablet without any suspicion.

Remote Camera Spying – You can control your target phone’s camera and capture photos or record videos with remote commands. 

Surround Recording – With TWS app, you can record the surrounding sounds of your target device. This feature enables you to hear background conversations, noises, and other sounds secretly.

App Monitoring – TheWiSpy app monitoring provides complete app usage details. You can track app activities and spy on all installed applications remotely.

Keylogging – TWS gives you keystroke alerts on every typed text of the target phone/tablet. You can monitor keystrokes made on instant messaging apps and web browsers etc. TWS allows you to set blacklist or inappropriate words and sends you instant alerts when any of the words are triggered by the target user.

Screen Recording – You can monitor screen activities of mobile phones and tablets using TWS app. Screen monitoring reveals all the digital happenings of the device you want to monitor.

Other Features – TWS is jam-packed with various monitoring features. You can spy on mobile notes, WiFi history, call logs, and other cyber activities without any suspicion.              

How to Install TWS on Your Target Device?

Just like other mobile apps, TWS needs to be installed on the phone or tablet you desire to spy. But, the installation process of TheWiSpy app is quite different from other mobile apps installation processes. 

Here are the easy steps involved in TWS app installation.

  1. Go to thewispy.com and register yourself by creating an account. Use a valid email ID and a strong password.
  2. Confirm your registered ID using your credentials.
  3. Now, choose the subscription plan that suits best your budget and spying needs. Pay for the subscription.
  4. Open your email inbox and find the installation instructions guide and activation key from the email sent to you by TheWiSpy.
  5. Install TWS app on your target device. You need to install TWS manually, and for that, physical access to the target device is needed.
  6. Install and configure the spyware app following the instruction guide. 
  7. Upon finishing the setup process, open your TWS dashboard with registered login credentials.
  8. From the control panel, pick the spying feature you want to monitor.

Note that there is no such requirement to root your target device. You can enjoy TWS features without rooting the device you wish to monitor.

TheWiSpy Pricing:

Spending money on mobile apps is still a hard choice to make. People don’t trust an app until they read satisfied reviews and ratings from the already existing clients. 

Unlike many expensive spy apps, TheWiSpy is an affordable Android monitoring app offering a fair pricing policy on each license subscription. You can choose your subscription from starter, basic, and premium plans.

Here are the starting prices of TWS packages:

  • Starter Package: $9.99
  • Basic Package: $19.99
  • Premium Package: $29.99

If you want to try TheWiSpy app for free, unfortunately, there is no such offer active by the service provider. Although, you can enjoy seasonal discounts of up to 50% on special events and occasions. Before you purchase TWS app, we recommend you test the demo app from TWS official website.

TheWiSpy – Frequently Asked Questions:

TheWiSpy has gained worldwide popularity as a reliable spy app for Android. However, to answer all the functionality-related questions, we have dedicated this section of this review to the FAQs of TheWiSpy.   

  • What makes TheWiSpy the best Android spy app?

TheWiSpy has made its place among top-rated Android monitoring apps due to its high-end features and seamless functionality. It offers affordable pricing with diverse spying solutions to enable you to enjoy advanced monitoring for personal and corporate use.

  • Can you spy on Android devices remotely using TheWiSpy?

Yes, TheWiSpy allows you to spy on Android devices remotely. It uploads every recorded information on an online server; the control panel. You can access the dashboard from any web browser. All you need to do is log in to your TWS dashboard using either your cell phone or desktop.

  • Is TheWiSpy a legal app?

Indeed, TheWiSpy is a valid monitoring solution for parental and corporate use only. If anyone uses TWS license for stalking purposes, he/she will have to face legal penalties. TWS does not offer spouse monitoring. Spying on someone using TWS app without the target person’s consent (above 18 years old) is also an illegal act. It can be a matter of objection in the court of law.

  • Is TheWiSpy Undetectable?

Yes, TheWiSpy is an undetectable Android tracking app. It works in complete stealth mode. TWS gets integrated with the target device’s operating system and imitates everything happening on it while functioning in the background. Hence, no one can detect its presence on the target device.

  • How to PurchaseTWS License?

Visit TheWiSpy website and click on pricing. Choose a package and then create an account to get yourself registered on TWS platform. Upon registration, open your account and pay for the package. 

TheWiSpy Review – Concluding Words:

With much online hassle, it is now compulsory to keep an eye on your child’s online space. No matter how much blind trust you have in your kid, you can’t guarantee that he/she might not encounter cyber threats. Kids either get bullied or become bullies. And the open online space has given anyone a chance to post harsh comments and troll others. TheWiSpy is a spy app for Android phones and tablets empowering parents to keep their kids’ cyberspace safe. Parents can use this Android tracking app to monitor the cyber and real-life of their children remotely.


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