You can hear it from everywhere about the fact that gambling is almost the most profitable niche of modern online business. In addition, gambling applications take the top of the users’ rankings.

But what should be done to make an app and how to start? How to create an effective application that will generate revenue? We have prepared a whole guide on how to develop and run your app in a long distance. Enjoy!

How Does Everything Really Work?

In general, there are two main types of applications:

  1. WebView. The application itself is just a shell for the browser, launching the application, the user will see the mobile version of the casino. But the user does not understand that this is a browser, there is no URL line and other markers, for him everything looks like the most typical software.
  2. Application itself – it is a regular application.

It is for advanced users and those who have an extensive budget, since developing an application from scratch is quite expensive – both in terms of money and time. WebViews live for several months, while apps can live for a year.

Running The App: Algorithm

In short, the steps for launching the application from scratch are next:

Step 1: Choose OS: IOS or Android

Step 2: Search or create an app

Step 3: Select a traffic source to attract users

Step 4: Develop a creative ad to attract attention

Step 5: Make the final setup of the app and the ad

Doesn’t look too complicated? For the first time, it is easy to do only the last step: click on the “Start” button when everything is ready. We will explain how to deal with the 4 main steps.

Step 1: IOS Or Android

In PlayMarket, it is easier to push a gambling application: moderation is faster, there are lots of similar applications, especially online slots, they are also more Android users. The price of installation on iPhones is about two times higher. There is an opinion that iOS has a more loyal audience, but this is controversial — a beginner should stay on Android.

Step 2: Search Or Create An App

There are 3 main ways to launch the app:

  1. Order it yourself from the web developer.
  2. Rent a reliable app.
  3. Take it from the affiliate program.

The most revenue can bring your application. It will live longer since you are its only owner. Plus — you can see and control all the statistics and the internal processes of the application yourself.

The second and third options are similar: in the third, you rent the app from an affiliate program. Partner companies usually rent the app cheaper than individuals, and sometimes even free of charge. If you know where to rent a good app – feel free to use it.

How to order the app?

The easiest option is to use freelance websites. But do not immediately publish an ad: there is a high chance that a fraudster will respond. It’s easier to open a database with freelancers’ profiles, select developers with good reviews, and write to them.

When the app is ready, you need to publish it on Play Market or AppStore. To do this, you need a trusted account of a developer. 

<h3>Step 3: Select A Traffic Source To Attract Users</h3>

Not so long ago, everyone was working only with Facebook Ads. Today you can safely try your hand at Tik Tok Ads. Consider the advantages of each site.

Why choose Facebook Ads:

  • With FB, there are many similar cases on the network, it is not so difficult to find people on forums who will help you.
  • Moderation of campaigns with ads on FB is very easy since GooglePlay/AppStore are considered as trusted sites.
  • A lot of audience from almost any GEO.

Why choose Tik Tok Ads:

  • The new site, no overloaded auctions.
  • Users do not have advertising blindness yet.

But Tik Tok has non-obvious disadvantages: there are few cases and information, most of the GEO is unavailable or there is little traffic, and, most importantly, manual moderation.

Step 4: Develop A Creative Ad To Attract Attention

A lot depends on the ad: in most cases, a bad ad result is the result of bad creatives. Of course, videos are the best way to go. There are several ways to make a creative ad:

  1. Use SPY services to monitor competitors.
  2. Order from a designer who works in this market, this is usually done by most of the best Irish online casinos.
  3. Do it yourself.

It is optimal to order from the designer. The video costs $ 8-10, the person already knows the main approaches and requirements and will make sure that the works pass moderation.

Step 5: Make The Final Setup Of The App And The Ad

After the application has been developed and creatives have been created for it in the ad cabinet, you can launch everything.


Congratulations! Now you’re part of the gambling business and you have done a great job. Good luck!

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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