Tech Review – Atumtek 3 in one selfie stick/tripod. #Tech #Atumtek

Selfie sticks are a thing and have been a while but in fairness not for me but I can see the use for them, however for the selfie stick itself I feel time is running out due the improvement of cameras on mobile phones with better wide angle rear and front facing cameras. This is no ordinary selfie stick though as it can double as a tripod which for me is good news and this also sports an option most mobile tripods leave out and it is height adjustment, I have several tripods here which all do a great job but they all miss one thing which is the option to adjust height and this model solves this issue for me but does not have the option to move the camera via remote or buttons but allows you to snap photos via a detachable remote control enabled with Bluetooth which is fine.

There is several models available here for there is something for all and the build quality is great too, this will also fit in a large pocket or backpack and has a telescopic rod with a phone holder that can be adjusted albeit restricted somewhat but fine for selfies it also acts a great tripod should you wish to move away from a subject and remotely take images the three legs are longer than the typical tripod giving better balance and a weight threshold, some tripods have tiny legs not giving much support for more weighty devices like larger mobiles and can tip over easy.

Overall it is a great product solving two problems at once for me and would be an ideal xmas gift for those who like to take selfies with a larger crowd but given the current situation it might not be an ideal tool to have now but certainly offers the user more benefits in the longrun and the portability factor and the remote control makes it ideal for better image/video captures with larger crowds or bigger subjects


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