A smart office is a workplace that integrates modern technology to make workers’ tasks more manageable, faster, and smarter. It contains some excellent management tools that are able to improve everyone’s performance in the workplace. 

More companies today are securing the advancement of employee experience with creative ideas and concepts. To maintain this effort, companies have to ensure that they are keeping up with the progress of modern technology. Here are some office options that companies are currently investing in.

1 -Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, and Smart Desks

Communication is always key in an office to help it work properly and efficiently. Offices with smart desks improve many aspects of an employee’s productivity, amenity, and well being. Most high-tech systems provide the needed environment for a proper sit-stand posture. These systems monitor reserved and open desk spaces, where they can find their employees’ exact location for better communication. Employees also have their right to have their privacy mode on. Smart conference rooms can host video conferencing or employee meetings. 

2 – High-Tech Video Tracking Tools

High-tech video tracking can monitor internal theft and intensifies other security purposes. Offices use the camera technology pervasively to study office traffic and usage in different lighting, zoom features, and various angle views. Multiple screen features also help in tracking activities in many locations using a computer or a smartphone. Offices uploads files on cloud storage for future reference.

3 – Office Gamification

Most offices take the welfare of their employees into consideration by providing them with essentials such as food, a balanced workload, and leisure. Gamification has an essential role in an office for providing onboarding, sales, and various processes. Some gamification may seem dull due to a forced fun factor. However, smart managers can create intelligent tools to improve gamification with the use of modern office technology. There are gamified apps that help users keep track of their efficiency, giving employees motivation, and better self-worth at work. 

4 – Intelligent Amenities

Most office structures have built-in amenities to provide an optimal working environment for its users, but most of the time, company owners have a hard time giving everyone their desired temperature or intensity of light. With smart technology, employers are now able to control the climate inside their office, which saves energy and expenses. Intelligent climate control systems are capable of knowing the usage patterns, preferences and regulate the office temperature. It improves employee’s productivity and morale. Employees can also adjust doors, windows, and lights with their capacity to provide lighting to their area with just a tap on the control screen.

5 – Robot Vacuums

In an age where cleanliness is essential, you can never go wrong with having a robot vacuum to get the job done with ease. In fact, some advanced robot vacuums can even sterilize as they clean. They are great for cleaning hard to reach areas such as underneath chairs and tables. For office carpets, however, they may not be as effective. It is still best to have them cleaned by professionals like Emerald Carpet Cleaning to make sure that your office space is clean at all times. 

6 – Voice Control 

If you really want to take your smart office to the next level, invest in a voice control technology that can distinguish your voice and listen to your commands. Need to turn off the light? Want to call your secretary? You don’t have to stand up from your desk or press anything. With speech recognition applications, you just have to say your command, and you will have them. 

These are just some of the smart office additions that you can consider. In a rapidly changing workforce environment, innovation can lead to a more efficient future for businesses and their employees. 

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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