Review – The Edifier TWS6 True Wireless earbuds. #Edifier #TWS6 #Tech

The Edifier TWS6 are the latest on offer from the company and a nice slim sleek pair of true wireless at that, these come with extra wing tips for the sport minded individual and I would suggest using those for a stable comfortable fit,you can wear them without but overall using the wings is a better road to travel, The controls are minimal here though work well with the touch sensitive area given the size these come in at compared to others from the company as you will see in the video below. Everyone has a feature set they prefer so I am basing this review on how I like my sound which is bass driven.

The lack of being able to skip tracks is an odd one to leave out here yet alone volume control but they do a good job with sound but not their best when I say that they are more bright compared to the deeper bass tone I usually expect from edifier but overall they do a good job with good balance and direction and no lag latency so ideal for music,movies and more.

The case comes with wireless charging which is not often seen at this price point and come with USB-C charging too which is nice and they have a decent battery life and are IPX5 water, sweat and dust resistance so ideal for the sports minded as mentioned above. The charge case has a gloss finish and is a fingerprint magnet and will get marked easy however offering wireless charging and protecting the earbuds I would let them off here. See the video below for more and images..


  • Built-in Knowles balanced armature drivers feature, reacting to weak signals, enriching each sound and producing exceptional sound quality. 98dB sensitivity.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX audio and Laser Direct Structuring antenna offering fast transmission and ultra-low latency.
  • Up to 32 Hours of Playback; with one charge providing eight hours of battery life and the slimline, wireless case providing three additional charges. USB Type-C charging also available.
  • IPX5 water, sweat and dust resistance, perfect for intense workouts and sport activity.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design including a variety of earplugs and wings to ensure a comfortable fit.

Edifier kindly sent us this product to review and did not compensate us nor influence my findings,they are seeing this review the same time as you.


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