The Jabra Evolve2 65 came in the standard colours with their marketing giving clear details of the features of the earphones.  The packaging as with the product looks professional with the packing also defined as crafted with 100% recyclable material. The internal packing was set up as a quick user guide on the features of the individual buttons.

The headset is made of ultra-soft foam cushion covered in colour-matched silicone, ear cushion soft audio foam covered in colour-matched leatherette,  with an aluminium slider arm. The headset connects to multiple devices wirelessly simultaneous, e.g. laptop and phone,



  •         Headset,
  •         Desk stand
  •         Jabra Link 380 BT adapter, 1.2m/3.9ft
  •         USB-C to USB-A cable,
  •         soft pouch for the headset (not for the stand)
  •         Warranty and warning (safety leaflets)
  • Weight – Stereo 176.4g/6.22ozThe weight is important in terms of wearing for hours, which is comfortable.



 Key features

  •         Noise-isolating design for ideal concentration: Keeps external sounds out for better work collaboration and listening experience in any environment
  •         Long battery life and improved busy light: Keep interruptions to a minimum with up to 37 hours of battery life – the integrated red LED light shows ongoing conversations
  •         Be heard and understood, wherever you are: 3 microphones, an enhanced digital chipset and the boom arm offer you the best possible audio quality
  •         This Evolve2 65 headset is MS Teams-certified with a dedicated Teams button and meets MS Teams open office requirements
  •         Warranty 2-year warranty


The plug-and-play experience includes these benefits:

  •         Automatic selection as the default audio device.
  •         A dedicated Microsoft Teams button to Notifications of Microsoft Teams LED flashes purple when. Microsoft Teams meeting ready to join. Microsoft Teams missed call. …
  •         Voice prompt when the user is wearing the headset.


Battery, Charging

The unit came with a Desk stand charger USB A which can be plugged in a standard USB charger or direct to a Laptop.  The headset has 2  gold contacts for the desk stand, alternatively, a USB C charging lead  ( as supplied with most modern Android phones ) can be used. A full charge can provide 37 hours of battery life in 90 minutes. A fast charge of 15 minutes can provide 8 hours of battery life.  While the Desk stand charger is ideal to store and charge the headset, this is an item not used as on the few occasions when the battery was getting low ( as advised on the phone app ) connecting to a power brick with a standard USB C charger cable meant the headset did not need to be removed from its primary purpose. The battery life of 37 hours is great with the option to shut down if not used within the app functionality.



On the Jabra Evolve2 65, slide and hold (3 seconds) the on/Off/Pairing switch in the “Pairing” position until the LED flashes blue and the Jabra Evolve2 65 announces pairing mode. On your Android device, go to Apps, Settings, Connections, Bluetooth. Ensure Bluetooth is turned On. Your Android device will automatically search for available devices. When the name of your product appears on-screen, tap it to start pairing. When pairing is complete, your Jabra Evolve2 65 is ready to use with your mobile device. If you need to pair a second device, or if the initial pairing fails, restart the pairing process from the beginning.

 LED colours and behaviours.



Download the Jabra Sound + app for the phone as the setup in the standard for android,


Laptop / PC

The Jabra Link Bluetooth adapter can be plugged directly into the USB port as Jabra device is pre-paired in the box. The Jabra Link Bluetooth adapter supports plug-and-play functionality, without needing to install separate software drivers on the computer.


Teams calls

The Evolve2 models that are certified for Microsoft Teams support Microsoft Teams as a plug-and-play experience. The plug-and-play experience includes these benefits:

  •         Automatic selection as the default audio device.

A dedicated Microsoft Teams button to:

  •         Notifications of Microsoft Teams LED flashes purple when
  •         Microsoft Teams meeting ready to join
  •         Microsoft Teams missed call
  •         Microsoft Teams voicemails
  •         Microsoft Teams LED flashes green with an incoming Microsoft Teams call
  •         Invocations
  •         Answering incoming Microsoft Teams calls
  •         Opening the meeting “pre-join” screen
  •         Open missed calls screen
  •         Open Microsoft Teams voicemail screen
  •         Bring up Microsoft Teams client from the background
  •         Voice prompt when the user is wearing the headset




Slight niggles were noticed on the boom mic which can be obtrusive when not in use listening to music, the boom mic cannot be disconnected or removed. On receipt of 2 calls e.g. from a laptop teams call and mobile call, the answering can be confusing in terms of the buttons to press, this takes practice to become familiar with the buttons like any other new product I guess.Most modern products as such are the same be it on one side or the other and no removable or detachable. 



The Jabra Evolve2 65 is quality in the physical feel of the headset, the software is tried and tested from previous models and works well. The core function of making and receiving calls via your phone or Laptop worked easily, The added featured of mute, physically moving the mic to mute or unmute, other standard features we typically expect worked well. It is also a viable product for personal music but Jabra excell here in other areas with the 85H Evolve 2 85  which Jim is testing right now and so far has been more than impressed with these as a hybrid answer or their latest True Wireless the elite active 75t which is tough to beat, with Jabra products they both suit our needs in the environments we both work in which sees different scenarios and some similar and Jabra products fit the bill perfectly and fulfil our needs and more when it comes to quality and features. 

The software provides options for bass depth and clear treble for music, the office functionality in terms of  Microsoft Teams and the consistency in call quality and connection provides a  seamless experience. The Jabra does the simple thing right, connection to multiple devices simultaneously, provided clear call quality and audio experience,  another quality product from a quality company,  A pearl of audio communication experience.

The Jabra Evolve2 65 was supplied to us by Jabra with no preview or copy approval and no compensation was provided. You see our reviews the same time the brands we work with do. Additional text and unboxing video by Jim O Brien.

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