The Gatekeeper Halberd token is a proximity-based 2FA technology which is a combination of the security key and password manager. This works on the principle that for a computer that is left unlocked with weak passwords ( in violation of many corporate policies on IT security ) the GateKeeper Halberd token use proximity-based authentication sensors via Bluetooth to Lock or unlock the Computer. This allows the automation of security taking the risk out of the individual user been automated. The Gatekeeper can be configured to one computer or the option to be configured to numbers as per the individual or corporate policies. Web accounts are similar in the passwords are stored on the gatekeeper centralised password manager removing the need to remember numerous passwords for 100’s of sites. The option of one time passwords is available.


The Gatekeeper can come as an individual service, as a once-off purchase for the hardware/software etc or an enterprise version:


The setup involved using 2 different software, one for Proximity and one for the password manager, For individual use – (Mac also available )

The  software is installed  with the dashboard configured,

The token option is ticked, add

Add a new device, which connects to the Bluetooth device and the Halberd token ( no need to manually enter and details )




This can be configured to be set up for a new user via the dashboard,  the user can be given a four to 8 digit code to use the gatekeeper. IT departments have full access to set up individuals to a computer or allow multiple staff to access one computer.


In the event of loss / forget a Token,  this can be configured as a loan token or factory reset of the lost token removing the option to access the computer. Additional security can be set up to include proximity & a unique pin code for a user.



GateKeeper Password Manager

This is set up via the GateKeeper desktop application to provide proximity-based access to web passwords.  This is set up as a new  extension  on the chrome browser to allow OTP to your website,



A challenge for an individual user is where they use example Facebook,  LinkedIn and require to access this, this may involve info from an OTP which would not be accessible from a temporary computer which is not connected via a Token.

An optional additional USB Bluetooth Proximity Sensor can be supplied to allow proximity set up where the PC USB is inaccessible allowing for extended coverage set up.   

The individual user data is stored locally on the Laptop, in the event of loss of the token, the enterprise is stored on the network with a cloud version expected in the next few months.



Untethered Labs, Inc Gatekeeper is a USA company set up in 2015. They develop advanced wireless proximity access control solutions that act as the first line of defence for preventing unauthorized access to enterprise computers and websites.

They provide automated privileged access management solutions for a wide range of industries including healthcare, MSP/MSSPs, law enforcement, manufacturing, and finance. Their technology increases security and reduces support costs with touchless, proximity-based two-factor computer authentication, centralized enterprise password management, and auditing. They have partners in a variety of countries UK, France, Germany, and  Australia, the individual option can be purchased directly from GateKeeper,  the enterprise option is available directly or via their partner network.



The Gatekeeper Halberd token is ideal for those in a highly regulated environment while can be used in any environment which requires good security practice.  ISO27001 requires on leaving a laptop, the laptop should be locked, the proximity sensor is ideal for this as automating the process. Staff should be focussed on the day to day job not focussing on the IT department requirements for security. The ability to configure multiple workstations from one Halberd token is great allowing supervisor access to multiple systems in a controlled environment. Many articles on the web flag passwords are dead,  this product is another nail in the coffin for the traditional password allowing flexibility to use and multiple sites without the need for multiple passwords.  This is a dual-purpose device,  security to lock your PC and password protection for your websites.  Any technology that automates the cybersecurity process improves compliance, reduces support costs,  enhancing security and removing the weaker link of the human intervention is a winner.

By brendanlahert

20 years’ experience in the commercial technical industry. Interested in technology. Certified ITIL v3 Service Management, Project Management Prince 2, Six Sigma.