When it comes to watches I am a bit of a collector along with my phones and other things but now I am more focused on technology products I do own several smartwatches or hybrids and it is nice to have the option to switch over, But I am one to keep wearing the latest on offer and when you look back you can see how things progress from the past when it comes to features and more.

The Withings Move is no different here than any other watch but does stand out and looks really nice and minimalist looking yet people ask me what does it actually do compared to others you have had.. This is because there is no actual digital display or anything to give it away that it is a much more capable watch despite on how it looks.

The box is a familiar sight and so is the watch and if you cast your mind back to the Nokia Steel which is still own and again like before it looks minimalist thought this time around the packaging is more eco friendly which many companies are headed now which is a good thing considering the climate change issue we have and it does need to be addressed..

The build is quite good and should last some years, I have my Nokia Steel still and it is as new but this has a plastic face and this happened which is not great and to note my previous versions have not a mark on them and this would annoy anyone, down to clumsiness perhaps but a light scratch off a bench……..These things happen in life..

Looking at the watch as a timepeice it just tells the time and little else bar your progress level,there is no option at all to see it in the dark as mentioned in my Nokia steel review the tips on the hands should be illuminated at least. In comparison to theĀ  WITHINGS MULTI SPORTĀ  which I love,this has something to look at with a window on top offering information on the fly and can be used to get information on notifications and calls etc but this is the cheaper model so you have to consider this but coming from the higher end model down to this you do miss the information on screen..

Battery life on this is excellent,One thing that puts me off smartwatches is having to charge every night and this is not the case here, In fact the battery life at times has excelled past the claim time on several occasions but this could down to my personal use I take my watch off at night and leave it off most weekends as I wind down from technology but not for the first few weeks testing this so for me the battery is stellar.

Whilst the watch itself may lack in the looks department for some it is the app that is where you get all the information at hand,the app has not changed much is simple to use and understand and also customise at the same time making it s fluid experience. The watch does more than you might think via the app tracking multiple sports and more

The App

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Having a companion device for some is a bit much but this is different and cost effective keeping tabs on your activities and compared to others out there this is on the cheap side if you are looking to get into having a companion device, On the face of it the watch as mentioned does not look like it does much and to the general concerning eye they would ask what can this do that a normal watch cant but tell the time it is what you get via the app with all the vital information.

Honestly I like watches with something more going on with the face but having said that I do have a collection of minimalist watches too that just look good even if they just tell the time yet there is more to this when you can have some kind of physical action with it to take your pulse for example by squeezing each side of the watch you can take your ECG which is neat and takes just 30 seconds to get a reading, Now when have you seen that as a feature on a watch that looks like it does nothing Also you can take your Pulse using the phones camera too which is also neat.

Overall if you want an affordable companion device this that will not break the bank this is one to look at for sure and it comes in two colours and a choice of strap colours and offers more than one might think with great extras,thought more so app focused if you are new to such it looks good and minimalist but offers great value and is highly accurate bar the sleep tracking which I found giving random results though I am not a good sleeper anyway this is what you need, It will automatically track walking, running, swimming and detects 30+ activities, plus workout mode, stair climbing & connected GPS Automatically tracks walk, run, swim and biking. You get plenty for your money here whilst depending on how you like how your watch looks it looks good on you too..


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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