I am on a bit of a fitness buzz of late,well when I say that I take things in moderation but cutting down and have the few drinks on the weekend but in general I would drink once a week anyway depending on social plans etc. Snacking on bars of chocolate though is my problem and now trying to cut down on this. You might say so what Jim but when you have tools to help,motivate you and notify you you then begin to see results you might understand until you try it you wont..

I am currently using the Withings Body+ WiFi scales and Hybrid Multisport smartwatch and the two combined together really help and motivate you, OK i will rant a bit and say the notifications can be a bit much at times but you can tone them down yourself and keep at it with a daily chart of weigh-ins and then a weekly score of how you get on you will see the results and perhaps the constant messages are there to keep you interested as some folk start out plans and give up after two or three weeks but those messages will keep ringing in your head reminding you and when you see your goals stack up it can only but motivate you, Even down to the steps you take a day has now become a mission for me but sometimes I am limited due to work and so on but I still try.

The Scales is a great place to start as it can be placed in your bedroom or bathroom and you will not forget its there and you will get into the habit of getting on it and wait for the results to scroll across the decent sized screen with nice graphs even though they are simple looking they are easy to read and tailored to how you have things set up. With both the watch and scales they both work great together and never miss a beat and sync well all the time, I have had no issues to date yet and they are fairly accurate as I am also testing other products here and both seem to weigh up with each other all the time.

The scales we have is one of their new colours and suit us Irish folk down to a tee with a pastel green,it looks really nice and is robust. I have seen many scales hit the shelves of late even in cheap euro type shops starting at 20 euro but they are utter junk,made of plastic and offer no other functions than weight but they are pushed as fitness type gadgets which they clearly aint.

The Body+ Wi-Fi scales is really robust with glass atop and its thick so will not crack or smash if you knock it about or happen to bang a door off it which I did once. Its sat on 4 pods and fits nicely in any corner. The best way to use the scales would be with bare feet, no trainers or slippers on as it can give you a false reading otherwise, socks is fine for just body weight but for more results naked feet is the way to go, it can be cold sometimes but just get over it..

The app is great and pairing up both your watch and scales takes a few minutes including set up and you are good to go, You will then enter in some information and try be as accurate as you can when doing so to yield the correct data later on and during your regime.

The Body+ Scales as seen in video above can monitor more than just your weight and is priced very well and certainly one of the better looking options out there at its price point and offers more, This scales also gives you a glance at the weather which is cool. You can also assign more people (up to 8) to use the scales which is great for family I used this one exclusively on my own as I have another version here for the family to use and I wanted to check the data sync and so on based on my usage alone as I tend to be the most keen here in the house of late of some fitness. I will go into the health mate app in a separate video below.


Multi-Sport Hybrid SmartWatch

One thing that annoys me and why sales really explain themselves is the cost of a companion device which can be as expensive as mid to high end phones which is me is a no go, Ok I own a few but I don’t purchase such anymore as I find them bulky and cumbersome and the battery life is the big caveat here on most. Again this varies per person and their needs but something simplistic is all you really need being into fitness. The Withings Multisport hybrid does all you could want yet looks current and comes in several colours and multiple straps to boot. They don’t cost an arm or a leg either and look great and stylish.

Given many smartwatches have a proprietary charger this is also a caveat for most,the same applies here but you can forgive it on how long one charge lasts which is up to 25 days which is not seen on a typical smartwatch, This offers plenty here if you are into fitness in an easy to read circular display up top. To get your stats you just press one button on the left and what you have assigned will come through and the same applies for apps too which is excellent. I just used my watch for fitness related material and nothing else as I get enough through my phone and getting notified twice is more than enough, however this is useful for driving and you can select between what apps you want to hear from via the app which I have gone through in the video.

One thing I would change is the tips on the end of the hands as some have asked can you see the watch in the dark but then again you have the panel up top to give you the time and date etc so this could be a reason why the tips on the hands have no luminous coating but it would be a nice addition to have it for those whom don’t want to be giving an extra press of a button, Other than that this has worked flawlessly and always reconnects back to my phone if I leave it behind or go out of distance every time. In short we are creatures of habit and getting into a habit might be hard and getting into a habit as simple as stepping on a scales a few times a day is not a bad one and a step in the right direction. With this scales and help from the app and if you’ve the watch they are a perfect partner in crime to get you motivated.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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