Otterbox have sent us over some products to check out which includes their super tough powerbank and some cables which simply beat most others out there due to their construction and also some cases but more on those at another time.

The powerbank is a solid block with what looks like the 21:9 aspect ratio which we now see in many phones today and is built like a tank with ports that are covered with a flap and textured edges and this is a 10,000 mAh which is more than enough for one person but three people can share this with its port availability making it a piece ideal for travel or going to festivals to keep you powered up on the go and knowing you have a solid piece that is built to last. This can be also got in a 20,000 mAh version too.. The top of the unit has a textured finish too and you also get some status LED lights to let you know how much juice you have left which is nice..

  • Battery Capacity 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh
  • Durable synthetic rubber exterior
  • Battery Status indicator and high speed charging
  • USB ports connect to chargers and devices
  • Dust and splash resistant Mil-Spec rated IP54


OtterBox USB-A/C Car Charger

Car charger are available all over the place but what I find is they are rubbish and fall apart after a few weeks or less due to the crap build quality with either the springs going or the ends falling off, this will not be the case here with this product and just like any other Otterbox product it is built to last,this offers USB A and USB-C charging which again can be used to charge to products on the go in your vehicle which saves you ports too..

  • Rugged for rough wear and tear
  • Charge two devices at once, fast (27-watts total)
  • USB-A port provides 5V/2.4A (12-watts)
  • USB-C port provides 5V/3A (15-watts)


USB-C to Lightning Cable 2 meter and Lightning Connector to USB Cable

Just like car chargers there is an abundance on offer in Euro shops and garages out there that always come in cheap and from any I have tried they are not worth the money and do not last and do offer a fire risk the cable is week and the ends typically wear down or just break off and thats it you are done, the saying is true “buy cheap buy twice” these cables are built to last and are constructed very well especially at the ends where most problems begin and these will last,these are also compatible with your car charger above and the wireless charging power bank too. With this range of cables you are sure to have power where and when you need it with knowing the cable will not fail your or get damaged easily.


Some might find such cables expensive but you have to pay to play and have the best equipment to ensure you are guaranteed a non failure when it comes to charging up your devices be it at home in the office or on the go.

Rugged and designed for long-term use, the Apple USB-C to Lightning cable from OtterBox features an extended strain relief at that notorious weak spot where the cable and connector attach. It charges at 3.0 AMPs and its braided nylon avoids tangling itself into knots. Pick from 1-meter and 2-meter lengths to upgrade your charging experience with the cable that’s made to last.

Charge up your iPhone or iPad with this ultrafast OtterBox Lightning Connector to USB-A cable, made robust for long-term durability.


Lightning Connector to USB Cable


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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