This is my first time to check out this brand of earbuds and this is what I like best when something new comes at my review table and this year seen many as most of the others are new versions from brand we are working with quite some time and out of the gate the presentation was great and this is something I like to see but it is not important for others but first impressions last and these win on the first impression point anyway.

You are presented with a nice case with extra tips and wings and you also get comply foam tips which we where the first to review in Ireland some years ago and that company has now got their tips included with many earbuds found today due to how they make a better fit and isolate noise and well done to them.

One thing missing here for me is there is no wireless charging case at this price point but it is something that is only starting to get a standard as I have said before but the case itself is smashing looking with a nice matt finish with the branding cut into the top half which flips open to reveal the earbuds which again have branding on each side with again a super finish to them and look great and came perfectly configured out of the box for me so no need to mess about with tips and wings etc which is nice but not often the case.

They have a nice decent size surface area with clicky buttons that work well all the time and I found these easier to use quicker than some,the earbud itself is a nice size a bit larger than some but fits well with a good seal and will not budge thanks to the wings so there is no fear of these falling out anytime soon even for the more active people out there and lets not also forget the IPX7 water rating here, you are covered in all scenarios.

Battery life on these is on the higher end with up to 6 hours of use, this depends on the individual like any other earbud and for me it is max volume all the way and I was hitting around 5.5 hours at this level on a constant test run which is good and not overestimated like so others can be.

Controls are easy to use as I said and we go through all the motions in the video below for more but if you want to know anyway the controls are somewhat easily configured here with less of the triple taps required which is nice. You can find the full options HERE

When it comes to sound these get an easy pass here but could be better, they have an app but not compatible yet with it and once it is these are on the the road to be better enhanced but pretty good as is but at this price you would expect an app and as they are new they should be added going forward to give you an extra thump to your music, decent volume and bass and good on instrumentals for me and good separation overall and with my usual testing with all genres and sound stages I was happy but it could be better given there is an app as I have said. With You Tube and Netflix there was no lag latency which is good and if it is your first pair of true wireless you will not be disappointing, they look good,feel good and sound good but the app will only enhance this experience even more. For calls the quality is great and for individual use once one side is placed in the charge case they will stop working so you can use one side on its own but once not in the charge case all is fine.

This however is something many true wireless do not have,wireless charging at this price you would expect either one or the other but it is no big deal for me but the general public have got it into their heads now at this price they want it all but it does not happen, taking looks over sound is one thing and vice versa so these are on the higher price end but deliver as a whole and perhaps some more colours might win a purchase but for me they would certainly be on my regular usage pile which few are in it but then again I use so many that might not be a fair thing to say but yes they will be sat close by regardless and they are certainly one of the better looking true wireless in this form factor this year.


By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.