Ludos have a new set of affordable earbuds out now called the TURBO which is their latest addition in their line up from which we have been testing over the last few weeks that come in at a great price and keep getting better each time. They have also just released a set of comfy tips to give you better comfort and sound which you can check out over HERE.

Wired earbuds are still a thing and so are wireless today so it is good to have a choice of what to but.Like I have said before there is no shortage of selection and particularity now seen in petrol stations and budget stores the prices can vary but in general the product is crap with terrible sound and build. Again the turbo come in a nice metal box with a draw string bag which alot has to be said for in presentation terms as outlined above we get a typical plastic presentation.

The build quality again stands out here with a good cable and metal housing on the buds which is good and an ergonomic design,looking at the previous products you can see how they are changing the style and fit enhancing their products as they grow. When it comes to sound you get once again a well balanced and tuned pair of earbuds with a nice bass level too so for anyone worried they will not be disappointed here again.


❇️ NEW ERGONOMIC HEADPHONES We at LUDOS have one goal: We want to meet our customers’ expectations and know how important quality and service are. The new TURBO headphones from LUDOS offer maximum comfort because they nestle against your ears. Numerous studies regarding the ergonomics of the ear have paid off: you can wear these new headphones for hours without problems, without making them feel uncomfortable.

  • ❇️ UNIQUE QUALITY Music is our passion, so it is our duty to produce audio devices that delight our customers with an elegant, dynamic and intense sound experience. Our products are unique and have been developed based on customer needs. With LUDOS TURBO you can be sure that every sound is reproduced true to the original and that you can fully enjoy all pitches, whether in the high, mid or low range.
  • ❇️ THE CONCENTRATED POWER OF LUDOS As a start-up, we have sold more than 100,000 headphones all over Europe in just 2 years. The longevity of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are our best selling points. TURBO, the brand new in-ear headphones from LUDOS combines several advantages: additional resistance thanks to a reinforced cable that has a larger diameter than comparable products and extremely durable components.


LUDOS TURBO earphones:



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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